More Than This

Yu will love it!!! The crazy life a teenage girl getting to meet One Direction. but something is holding her down. Could it be a guy from One Direction.
Find out!!!!!


8. Wrong Sleeping. Right Sleeping.

Bella's POV~

We are all in the 1D Mobile and it's really big. I didn't know they make an RV soo big. I love it. Their is only three beds so everyone has to take turns to sleep. It's a good thing I don't sleep on road trips it makes me have a headache, when I wake up.

The boys and I had to wake up early to go to New York. So everyone is tired and Harry seemed moody, they let Harry, Zayn, and Niall sleep first on the beds.

I sat down on a couch and turned on the TV. Louis sat beside me and offered a carrot. I took it. I loved how wherever we go, Louis always have a carrot. It makes me laugh.

"I'm tired." I yawned.
"Do you want me to wake one of them up so you ca sleep." I shook my head.
"I don't want to sleep."
"If you're sleepy then you have to sleep."
"I know but im going to sleep when we get to the hotels."
"I get a headache after I sleep. It's like car sickness."
"Oh really?" i nodded and yawned again.
"I can't take it anymore, I'm too sleepy."
"Here lay on my lap."
I laid on his lap without taking a second thought. I fell asleep soundly while Lou was stroking my arm.

*An Hour Later*
Harry POV~

I just woke up, so I walked out of the room, that holds Niall and Liam sleeping. I wanted something to drink so I headed for the mini fridge. When I walked out, I saw Bella sleeping on Louis's lap.

I was about say something. "Lou----"

But Louis held up his finger to his mouth. " shhh."

I got me a drink and sat next to Lou.

I turned on the TV and it startled Bella. She sat up between Louis and I. She yawned.

"Morning, Love" Lou and I said as a unison.

"Morning." she replied.

"Did you sleep well?" Lou asked. She nodded. "Do you have a headache?"

"Oh, I guess not."

"Carrot man is your cure." Louis said laughing at his own joke.

"Thanks Lou." she said hugging him.

I just sat there looking like I have nothing to say so I turned to look at the TV and watch the crazy news.

"Harry, did you jus wake up?" Bella asked looking at me. I just looked at her and nod, then turn back to the TV. I heard Bella ask Lou, if Im okay.

I guess Lou didn't give an answer because she asked me. "No, nothing is wrong. Seeing my favorite girl laying on my best friend's lap, doesn't make me mad."I sarcastically mumbled.

"Hey! I was sleepy. It wasn't like I mean to and Louis knows about you and me, so whats the worry." She said looking straight at me disappointed.

"I'm sorry. I just don't want anyone to take you away from me, that's all." I looked at her sadly.

She shook her head slowly and smiled slightly. "Don't be soo overprotective, I can take care of myself. Even if you don't say 'I Love You', I already know you do, because I love you too."

I held her in my arms. I kissed her forehead and laid her head on my chest. "I'll try my best just for you."I whispered in here ear.

Louis chuckled lightly and left the sofa to sleep on the bed with Liam and Niall.

"I know you will." She fell asleep with a smile on her face. I bet Louis didnt get to see that.
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