More Than This

Yu will love it!!! The crazy life a teenage girl getting to meet One Direction. but something is holding her down. Could it be a guy from One Direction.
Find out!!!!!


2. Thinking It Over

I cleared my throat. "I have to get going. Talk to to you later, Harry." I walked to my car and hopped into my seat. I left the driveway with Harry's head shoved in his hands.

Harry POV~

I walked inside my flat and angrily, I kicked the island. I didn't know what I was saying. She looked so pretty this morning. Her hair, eyes, and her giggling just made me realized what I haven't realized before. I grab my keys and phone and locked the door. But I know it isn't the right time for it. I drove to Louis house to pick him up. I hope I can get through the day without Bella today.

Bella's POV~

I walked into the school building, one more month of school and I'll be over with high school. I'm turning 18 next week and everything is going by so fast.
All day I keep thinking about Harry. His last words just keep rewinding in my head. I only like him as a close friend. Nothing more, nothing less. I hope.
I'm glad I have the day to myself. Im able to think alone without anyone pushing me to.

During Lunch~

I came early so I can grab a table to myself. No one really talks to me much. I guess I don't really fit in. But when Harry used to go to school with me, he made sure there were people talking to me and if someone teases me or picks on me he would stand up and tell them to back off. He always have girls chasing before and after he became famous.
I sat down on the stained blue chair and grabbed a bag of chips I packed earlier.
"Hey, Love."
"Harry, why did you come here?." I spun around my chair didn't expect, Drake, the most cutest guy in school to be behind me. Well at least everyone says he is.
"Harry? Calling me your famous best friend? Well I'm not, Love."
"Anyway, what do you need?"
"Just wondering when are you going to dump Harry and get me instead. I'm much better, hotter and romantic than he is."
"How so?"
"You'd be surprised if I showed you now."
"I don't care anyway. Harry will always be my best friend."
"We'll see about that." Just like that he walked away. I sat there alone confused about Harry, about Drake, and about life in general? What do they want from me. I just want to bang my head on the table.
"Don't worry about what Drake just said to you. He's just being a lunatic. He forgot to take his medicine this morning." I looked up to see Jenna, one of my few friends.
Jenna is really different from everybody I met before. She's pretty and sweet. She is really rich. But I don't care about those things. I care about how they act around people and how their personality are.
"Oh hey, I have been having a bad day. I just want to run away and get away from all this mess."
" I understand, Bella." I nodded and wiped a tear away.
"I gotta go. I'll talk to you later." She waved goodbye to me and I threw my trash in the trash can. I knew I have two more classes after this but I just couldnt't handle it anymore. I want to be far away from everything... Moving to America.
I drove home. I packed some clothes and some of my things I couldn't bare leave without: my diary, small scrapbook, my snapbacks, and my electronics.
I glanced at my bedside table. A shiny light catched my eye, it was my charm bracelet. Harry bought it for me. He added a charm every time it reminds him of something. He gave it to me two years ago for my 16 birthday. So far there is a young girl and boy (means: Harry and Bella), a number 3 for my favorite number, a BFF charm for being best friends, a music note because Harry auditioning for the X-factor, and the earth because one day they both were going to go to explore the world together. There were 6 spaces left and I guess the end is today. i threw the bracelet on the ground and it broke into pieces. I held back my tears.
I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote "I'm sorry for leaving so suddenly I just thought we both could use some time alone. I think you need to move on from being best friends with me and start finding yourself a girlfriend. Isnt that what you wanted. Well, tell Lou, Nialler, Zayn, and Liam I said bye and I'll miss them. Don't look for me. -Love, Bella."
I didn't know what to write so I made it short. I sighed. I grabbed my emergency money that was over 22,000 dollars. I'm glad I saved up. I knew it would become handy.
I got on the nearest flight to America and was already on my way to New York.
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