More Than This

Yu will love it!!! The crazy life a teenage girl getting to meet One Direction. but something is holding her down. Could it be a guy from One Direction.
Find out!!!!!


5. The Phone Call

I got off of work early. I got a taxi to drive me to the lake. I sat on the side of the lake and dipped my feet in. I smiled at the coolness of the water. I took out my phone and was careful not to let it slip before it falls in the water.

The screen lit up and showed the words ~2 New Messages~ I pulled up my messages and one was from Harry:
-Hey Bella, you didn't answer my messages this morning. Please text or call me soon. I know you are busy but we need to talk.
The second one was from Jason, I don't know how he got my number but its Jason what do you expect:
-Bell, you want to meet me somewhere? Gran wanted me out of the house so thought you might want to hang since I have nothing else to do. Call me

I replied to Jason saying I was busy and thanks for the offer. I got out of the water and took a pretty shady spot and sat on the grass leaning on the tree. I chose a vacant spot so no one was around me.

I called Harry.
"Bella, please tell me this is you."
"It is."
"You don't know how amazing it is to hear your voice, Love" I felt the same way. I couldn't believe I'm talking to my best friend. It's been so long. We have never left each other for soo long. I miss him so bad. I really do. He's my soul mate.

Harry's POV~

Right now Im with my mates in Lou and I hotel room. I couldn't believe Bella called me. It's been over three weeks and this is the longest I survived without her.
"Same to you, Harry"
"Do you reply mean it, Bella?"
"Yes I do mean it."
"Where are you?" My mates started to listen into the convo.
"Put it on speaker Hazza." Zayn told me. I put it on speaker.
"I'm in New York."
"We won't tour in New York until two more weeks."
"I'll just stay here til you guys come here. "
"Okay send me the address later."
"Hey Bella!!" Lou shouted into the phone.
"Lou? Is that you?"
"Yea its me."
"is everyone else with you?"
"Yea they are. Say hi everyone!"
"Hiiii Bella." Everyone but Lou and I said.
"Oh my god. I miss you guys soo much!!"
"We miss you to Bella!" Liam said.
"I can't wait to see you guys again."
"Bella, when I see you in two weeks I am going to give you a lesson." Lou said sternly holding in his laughter.
"What for?"
"Leaving without telling us." Zayn spoke for Lou.
"Well I didn't know I was going to leave til that day."
"Did something happen?" Liam asked.
"Umm.. Harry did you tell them yet?"
I cleared my throat. "Not really."
"So Harry knows and we dont?" Liam eyebrows raised.
"Well I have to go, it's raining. I'll call you guys later."
"Bye Love!!" everyone but me screamed. I ended the phone call and when i looked up from the phone I see everyone eyes staring at me except Lou.
"Oh it's nothing. We just want to know about what Harry did to poor Bella, that made her move."
"Umm... All it is, is some words I mistakingly said."
"Mhmm." Liam stared at me. Louis is just biting his carrot enjoying this 'exciting' drama.
I poured everything about the day Bella left and what Im planning to do when I see her.
They all wished me luck and went back to their hotel rooms to sleep. By the time I landed my head on the pillow I was fast asleep, dreaming about Bella.
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