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Yu will love it!!! The crazy life a teenage girl getting to meet One Direction. but something is holding her down. Could it be a guy from One Direction.
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10. Surprise Guests and Someone's Back

~Bella's POV~

I turned around.

"Hey, Bell..." I gasped. "I told you I would be back" I shook my head. I'm dreaming. This isnt happening.

"Bella. Do you know this guy?" Niall looked over at me.

"Yes, he's the guy I told you about." I looked back at Niall with a scared expression on my face.

"You mean, Jason" I nodded.

"Who do we have hear? Bell, was this the guy you were telling me the last time we saw each other?"Jason brushed his finger on my cheek. I quickly pulled his hand away.

"Don't touch me, Jason!" I practically yelled. Niall went over to a bench, to answer a phone call."And no that isnt who I was talking about. Thats one of my friends that you can never be. You just care for yourself. Such a straight-forward jerk. Leave me alone. I don't like you. I never will."

"Hey, why such mean words. I can give whatever you want. Why don't you trust me, Bell. After all you came to my house, first." Jason said calmingly. Niall finished his phone call. Now, he is pacing in circles around the bench.

"Yeah, after you go find yourself a job. Thats why Gran always have to take care of you, because you cant do it yourself. Take care of yourself before you take care of others." I glared at him, just to see him glaring back.

"I still hear mean words coming out of your mouth, honey." He wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Stop, let go of me. Dont call me 'honey' " I tried to pull out of his grip, but he was far to strong.

"Yeah, don't call her honey. Only I can." Harry came up from behind me, wearing just like Niall, a sweatshirt and some shades. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Louis, Liam and Zayn, too. All dressed up alike. Something was different though, i saw a nice white dress shirt under Liam's jacket. All of them except Niall were wearing dress pants or khakis. I shrugged it off because it wasnt the time to think about that now.

"Who are you anyway?" Louis shouted at Jason.

"Who are you?" Jason spun me around so that he could head lock me and so i can face everybody else.

"We asked first." Harry stood straight looking strong.

"Jason. Now your turn."

"You dont need to know who we are, we just want Bella back." Louis said while biting a carrot.

"Too bad dorks, you cant have her, she's mine."

"How do you even know Bella?"

"Bell, came to New York, a little over a month ago. She rented my basement for the time she was living here. We hung out and made out." Jason chuckled.

"Stop lying Jason." I kicked him in his area, which made him jumped back in pain. I ran to Harry and he hugged me. "I'm sorry. I knew i wasnt safe to be going around here. I knew I was going to run into him somehow. I just had a feeling." I poured onto his jacket. He kissed my forehead and pulled away.

"You have explaining to do, Bella." I nodded in agreement and shame.

"To all of us." Liam added. Jason got up and walked away from us. He seemed scared.

"Some of what he said was true, but not all of it." I corrected them.

"Lets hope that, the parts i think is true is true and some parts that i think are lies, stay lies." Harry pointed and waved his finger at me.

Niall blew in and out air of relief and finally got his guard caught up. I hugged him to show him, everything was all good. He felt better and smiled after the hug. When Harry noticed I had matching hats with Niall, he laughed and so did Louis, Zayn and Liam. Niall and I shrugged, we love having matching hats and maybe Harry and I will have a matching something too.

I just hope everything that deals with Jason will be gone after we talk about it...

We arrived to the hotel and i found out we were SUPPOSED to go to a fancy dinner, that explains their clothing, but because of the incident we canceled it. That just means our surprise guests will be visiting us in the hotel.

We all decided to be in Liam, Zayn and Louis hotel room since its the biggest and messiest. I couldnt stand the unneatness, so I cleaned up their room. They also had wet swim clothes out so I concluded that when I woke up, they were out in the pool swimming.

Before everyone met in the three lads' room I changed into a nice island blue casual 'a little higher than the knee' dress with a cute dark blue waist belt. I settled for a pair of white ankle high-heeled boots and some silver hoop earrings. I took off my sloppy bun and straightened my messy and wavy hair. I added a white with a hint of blue headband.

I sat down on Louis' bed and Harry sat beside me and snuggled with me.

"Okay Bella, you can start your part of the story, make it quick too. Our guest will be arriving here in about 15 minutes." Zayn rushed me.

"Okay, here it is." I took a deep breath and Harry looked up at me. "When I got confused of my life, i flew straight here." I first went to Starbucks because they had internet and then I searched up basements i could rent because it would be cheaper. I found one that was $1,000 for three months. The person who owned the house was Sammie. It said female and she was 65. I thought she was living by herself, so i checked it out. Surprisingly, it was nearby. I knocked on the door and a guy opened the door, about Harry's and my age." Harry flinched beside me. I touched his hand and he calmed down. "Which you guys found out him today. His name is Jason. I asked him if a lady name Sammie was there, she showed me the basement and it was furnished the way i wanted my house to be like when I own one. Jason on the other hand made it difficult, he just kept trying to get to know me by always talking, stalking and joking around." Harry flinched again."Harry, if you keep flinching, I wont be able to continue. Plus, he's over to me."He nodded. "Ohkay, then the day when Harry and me texted each other one morning, he texted me the dates for his concerts. I thought it over and decided to surprise you in New Jersey. So, i thought about transportation, when i figured it out, I didnt want to be rude to Grannie Sammie---" 5 guys snickered. "Anyway, I didnt want to be rude to her, so I told her about going to move out to be with my best friend again. So she agreed and thanked me for living with her for a month, she said I was too good to be true. . . Then, I asked her if she wanted me to do anything before I leave. She told me to bring sandwiches to Jason. I did as she was told. When I got upstairs to his room, he tried to kiss me a second time. He over heard Gran and I talking. So he knew, I was leaving. He was trying to convince me to stay. After, I told him im still going. He said, 'This isnt the last you will see of me', I thought it would be a joke, because Drake said the same thing to me on the day I left London." I covered my mouth.

~A/N: Drake is the guy that was 'really popular' at school. Before she left London, Bella and Drake talked during Lunch. End of A/N~

Harry tilted his head and looked at me. Everyone stared at me like I just transformed into an alien with one eye.

"What did you say, Bella?" Harry said slowly.

"Nothing. I think I heard something at the door." I jumped off the bed. I opened the door...


Hey, I know I havent been updating, but I have schoolwork, I do a little of a chapter each day. I make at least four throughout the week. I cant believe I have over 250 viewers. Lets keep it up, I love you guys. I only dothis for you. (: like it so far? I have a second book ready. Im going o start it soon. I love the summary, hope you guys are going to like the second book. (the second book has nothing related to this one, its going to be very different) (: Thanks

1)Who the heck is it? Who the heck is at the door?
2)Will Jason find her again?
3)Is it the surprise guests or someone else?
4)Who are the surprise guests that Louis, Zayn, and Liam want the rest of the lads to see?

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