More Than This

Yu will love it!!! The crazy life a teenage girl getting to meet One Direction. but something is holding her down. Could it be a guy from One Direction.
Find out!!!!!


12. Say Bye to Them Three, See Them Soon

~Still Bella's POV - 7:30 AM~ I changed out of my shorts and into a white cami with a long pink sleeved slip off shoulder sweater shirt with white skinnies. I jumped into my pink ankle boots and wore a pink fedora over my long, silky, brown wavy hair. I put on my mascara and put on my pink hearts earrings with a matching neckalace. It was 8:30 when I finished changing, so I made 9 mugs of hot tea and put it on a tray. I let it cool a bit, while i finish packing up. After the concert tonight we leave to go to Ohio for One Directions next concert. I grabbed my suitcases and walked to Louis' room. I was glad I stole one of there keys last night and Niall's key and Perrie's key. I crept in and jumped on all there beds. Saying "Wake up, Wake up, Wake up" Liam was the first to wake up. "I'm tired." Liam said groggily. "Probably from staying up with your girlfriend last night." I laughed. "Stop it Bella, you are being soo childish." Zayn blinked a few times. "Morning, Bella!!" Lou hit me with a pillow from behind. "Hey, unfair Lou. I didnt know you were awake." I grabbed a pillow, just to see three pillows waking at my face. "Wait, its three against one. That is totally not fair." "Fine, Zayn and Liam against Bella and I" Louis confirmed. "Agreed" Liam, Zayn and I said. We hit one another with the pillows until, the pillows started to hurt and we all got exhausted. They all changed into un-noticeable clothes so they dont get much attention at the airport. I gave them their portions of tea, still steaming hot. I went to Harry's room and the three boys went to the girls room. I gave them Perrie's key and the girls tea. I unlocked Harry and Niall's room. I crept in and saw Harry only boxers- naked. I shook my head. I screamed "Good Morning" in a sing songy voice. It took me forever to get these cranky, sleepy heads off the bed. Once they got up, i got them to change. Harry gave me a big hug in his blue and white plaid shirt with a white long sleeved under it. Some jeans and a black long knee coat with a light blue scarf. I gave him his tea. We finished our tea together a few minutes 'til Niall finished changing. I gave Niall his tea. "Wow, this tea is good. Probably because Bella woke me up soo early." Niall pushed me slightly. Harry laid his arm on my shoulder while we walked down to the lobby where everybody else was standing, sleepily. The guys and the girls all wearing sunglasses or something that could cover there faces. I felt left out. Maybe i'll be famous one day. I chuckled and Harry looked at me, wondering why I chuckled. I shrugged. Yeah, i'll be famous one day, after I get married with dirt. We put our suitcases in the 1D mobile and took off to the airport. We arrived at the airport and dropped the girls off. There were many hugs and kisses. Zayn took off his sunglasses forgetting that he was in public which caused people all around to stop what they are doing and take pictures. See you can't  be seen. Some people will get the wrong idea and then everything gets on the news. Its just a big mess.

We tried dragging Zayn inside but the fans kept screaming in our ears and then they start pulling; losing their cool. Harry didn't want me to be in the mess, so he kept dragging me in. They saw Harry wrapping his arms around me so some people took shots of us. I buried my face in Harry's chest.

When Harry finally got away from the fans, we sat in the 1D Mobile waiting on the rest of lads. Looking through the window, I see Louis and Liam trying to get Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle inside.

While Niall and Zayn get mobbed by fans all around.

The security guard finally went out of the car and dragged everyone inside the car. The girls were safely inside. Everyone was stressed out, so Louis, Zayn, and Liam laid on the bed to go to sleep. Niall, Harry, and I was laid out on the couch. Niall was hugging a pillow eating some nuts.

Niall's nuts kept dropping on me, so I let out a quiet laugh. "Niall, how do you like your fans? You seem like you were having fun."

"Don't play around like that, missy." Niall pointed at me, talking with his mouth full.

"When are you going to find yourself a girl, Niall?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow.

Niall's face turned bright red for just a second. He paused. "I hope I can find the girl soon. Everyone else has someone and I'm just lonely." Niall said sadly. He put down his nuts onto the table.

"If it makes you feel better, Harry and I still haven't properly together yet." I said sort-of-convincingly.

"Umm. No." Niall said hugging the pillow tighter.

"What you mean we 'aren't properly together'."Harry said turning to face me, which made his shoulder move. I hit my head on the rim of the sofa.

"Ow." I rubbed the back of my head.

"Answer, Bella." Harry gritted his teeth.

"Well, you didn't really, you know, ask me out." I said leaning back away from Harry which made me lean on Niall, whos still hugging a darn pillow.

"Fine, I'll ask you out." Harry was about to get up.

"No mister. Its like me telling you to ask me out. You have to make it like a surprise." I laughed.

"Okay, if that's what you want." Harry laughed. "You are going to be soo sorry." He rubbed his hands together.

"Okay, until then, we are only friends." I put out my hands. Harry shook it.

"You two are soo weird. What kind of relationship is that?" Niall said shaking his head.

"Don't worry, Niall. You don't have to be jealous of us. Here, how about this, I'll help you find a girlfriend, okay?" I said happily. I'm going to be a good match maker. Niall shrugged and Harry shook his head.




Its Allie. I can't believe everytime I wake up at 5 AM and come home at 3 PM, I see that the number of readers go up. THANK YOU SOO MUCH. Don't leave yet. I have exciting news. This part of the book, I have some twists. I'm going to let you choose: (Keep in mind, these are just broad. I'm going to add details and twists to your choices)

A) Niall fall in love with Bella or Bella fall in love with Niall; Nella

B) Continue with Harry and Bella; Barry.......Since its Harry and Bella, any name request for Niall's girlfriend

C) More romances (alone time) with Bella

D)Harry falls in love with another girl (what would the girl's name be) and Bella and Harry will be best friends again.

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