More Than This

Yu will love it!!! The crazy life a teenage girl getting to meet One Direction. but something is holding her down. Could it be a guy from One Direction.
Find out!!!!!


15. Harry

Hey its Allie(:. Im sooo sorry I havent been updating. I really am, it was just that I was really waiting for some feedback. But only two or three answered. So this chapter is dedicated to you guys. Thanks for caring. I love you guys sooo much, for answering and sticking with me to this point. Now i hope you like this chapter.

Love Allie.(:

-Harry's POV-

Bella looked a bit chilly, therefore, I wrapped my arms around her feminine body. She was perfect match. She fit me perfectly. Literally and metaphorically.

I love her. She doesnt know how much I really love her. She is the one. The one that can make me smile when im deeply heartbroken. The one that takes my breath away a million miles from her. Thinking about her is lucky enough. Being with her is like living in a fairytale.

She looked up at me. I kissed her temple. She snuggled her head against my chest. I held her tighter. She wont be easy to give up to any other guy in the world. 'Cause she is mine. Forever mine.

I sighed happily.

I looked at the view enjoying the moment with Bella. Nothing will separate us. No Thing.

We leaned on the metal railing, still hugging her.

"Why arent you talking?." Bella asked not making eye contact.

"I dont want to ruin the moment. Looking at a beautiful girl, at a beautiful view, at a wonderful place. It is literally takin my breath away." I explained slowly. I lifted her chin and tilted her head so she is looking at me.

Bella smiled. I smiled back.

We stood there for a minute or two. Hand in hand and hand in hand. Lookin at each other until we heard some ruffling noise.

We quickly walked inside and met everybody in the lounge.

"Oh you mates are awake?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, we woke up just a few seconds ago." Louis said standing up and stretching.

"It was because of Niall." Zayn said drowsy.

"Sorry, I didnt mean to fall on the floor." Niall said still wanting to go to sleep.

"I'll make some tea." Bella offered.

"Yes, please."Harry and Zayne said.

"While your at it. Can you make me eggs, biscuits, and bacon, please?" Niall asked like a puppy.

Bella laughed. "Just for you Niall. Anybody else? Going once...twice."

"We're good"Louis replied for everyone.

Bella walked into the pretty kitchen.

Louis and the rest of the mates were figuring out whose room were whose and changing into some comfortable clothes.

I sat on the couch watching My Baby Sitters a Vampire on Disney Channel. The only good show on Disney Channel.

Soon the lads joined me on the sofas Louis sat right next to me. I looked over at Louis.

"Tommo you look soo---" I didnt get to finish because Bella screamed really loud but really short. I literally jumped off the couch and jumped over obstacles to get to the kitchen. I saw Bella on the ground gripping her right arm. A line from her shoulder to her elbow. It looked like a knife. I kneeled beside her and held her right arm.

"What happened?" I asked her with worried green eyes.

She shook her head biting hard on her bottom lip. I wiped her tears using my thumb.

"Dont cry, im here." I knew just by looking her tear-filled beautiful light brown eyes that she didnt want to tell me because she didnt want to make me worry. I stood up and grabbed a rag. I soaked it with nice warm water and rest it on Bella's arm. I carried her bridal style and gently laid her on the couch where I was sitting with Lou. I kissed her forehead.

I walked back into the kitchen and finish up her cooking.
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