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13. Harry Disaster in Oh-Hi-Oh (Ohio)

Hey its Allie :)(: This is just going to be a little romance with Barry. (Bella and Harry) (: Since you guys want me to to update. I'll make the chapters with Romantic Comedy of Harry and Bella, until i get at least 10 or more answers. You will love this chapter (:

Love YOU guys!!!! (//.0)

~Bella's POV~

We arrived in Ohio at 3:00 in the morning. We didnt have to wear oversized hoodies or sunglasses since almost everybody are asleep.

"Here are your keys." The driver, Roberto said.

We all grabbed our keys and went inside the hotel the secret entrance. Harry and I got into the elevator first so we left everybody waiting for the next available elevator.

"Hii Sonnys." An old lady popped in on the second floor.

"Umm. Hi ma'am" Harry politely answered.

"Call me Jenny" She demanded. Harry and I nodded quickly.

"How are you'am, excuse me Jenny?" I asked stumbling on my words.

"You are soo cute." Jenny scooted closer to Harry. She pressed the 3 button and when the elevator door opened she pushed me out leaving her and Harry in the elevator ALONE.

Harry tried pulling me in. But Jenny pulled him back in the elevator and she tried to lower his head down so she could kiss him. I shivered thinking of Harry and Jenny kissing. I clicked the elevator button so I can get to my actual floor.

Lou, Liam, Niall, and Zayn's elevator door opened. I walked inside. They all looked confused.

"Mishap with Harry and Jenny." I said exhausted.

"He's with another girl when he's with you?!" Lou said clenching his fist.

"No." I shook my head. "Jenny is an old lady. She crushing on Harry. So she pushed me out of the elevator. So they are alone in the elevator. Before the elevator door closed she tried kissing him." this time everyone shivered.

"Wait I have Room 1600. Its a Penthouse sweet. Awesome!" Zayn said smiling and pumping up his fist.

"So do I I have that room, too."Lou said looking at his key number.

"Same here." Liam and Niall said together.

"What room number do you have, Bellarina?" Louis asked.

"Umm.. I have room 1600."I answered."So i guess room 1600 is the whole floor.

"Sweet. You know what they say, Bigger rooms, A lot more Food." Niall said grinning.

"I dont think so Niall." I laughed. The elevator door popped open to a huge lounge room. We walked in amazed.

"Oh-my-Ohio" Lou and I said looking around.

"Am I still sleeping? I mean its still 3:30AM i could be dreaming?" Zayn asked. I took the hint that it means to pinh him so I walked up behind him and pinched his arm."Ouch-Ouch-Ouch" when he calmed down he said, "Why did you do that?" I shrugged.

"I call the biggest room since I'm the only girl." Everyone agreed I walked off lookingmfor the biggest room while everyone was trying to fall asleep on the couch when they could find their rooms, to sleep on beds instead.

I decided to take a shower. When i finished I wore on my PINK sweats and walked to the lounge to find them all sleeping. Harry still wasnt here. I shook Lou awake.

"Where's Harry?" I asked worried.

"I havent seen him." Lou said drowsily. Lou fell back asleep. Right then the elevator door made a ringing noise. It scared the heck out of me. I jumped. Causing me to put my hand at my heart. I looked at who was at the elevator, it was Harry. I couldnt help but laugh. Harry's face had lipstick stains all over and his clothes was out of disorder. He had a blank look on his face. I took him bags and set it beside the couch while Harry sat on Zayn's lap. He hugged his knees and stared at the wall not making any noise.


Hey its Allie.(: i have over 400 viewers YAY!! (: DID YOU GUYS LIKE THIS CHAPTER. THIS IS MY PERSONAL FAVORITE OF A DISASTEROUS HARRY MOMENT!! Love you guys!! Which one:

A) Niall fall in love with Bella or Bella fall in love with Niall; Nella
B) Continue with Harry and Bella; Barry.......Since its Harry and Bella, any name request for Niall's girlfriend
C) More comedy romances (alone time) with Harry and Bella gradually grow (:
D)Harry falls in love with another girl (what would the girl's name be) and Bella and Harry will be best friends again.
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