More Than This

Yu will love it!!! The crazy life a teenage girl getting to meet One Direction. but something is holding her down. Could it be a guy from One Direction.
Find out!!!!!


6. Getting Back Together Slowly

I woke up at 7 AM, Louis still sleeping. I made me some homemade tea and went on the hotel's porch. I sat on a chair and thought about the phone call yesterday. I wonder how she is doing over there. She probably knew that she'd be living there for awhile so she have a job. I wonder where she is living.

I felt to depressed and so I grab my phone and texted Bella.
-Morning Love. I can't keep you outta my mind. How's life in New York? 7:56 AM

A few minutes later she replied:
-Morning(: Why did you wake up soo early? 7:59 AM

I smiled.
-Wanted to talk to you! 8:01 AM

-Awww(: When is first concert? 8:02 AM

-It's in Virginia. At 7PM, then at New Jersey 6:30 PM, then at New York at 7PM. 8:05 AM

-Two more concerts til you see me. 8:07 AM

-I know it's going to take forever. 8:08 AM

-Dont worry, Harry. It's not like I'm going to go anywhere. 8:10 AM

-You better. What are you going to do today? 8:12 AM

-Hmmm... I'm going to work than Im going to the lake again. 8:15 AM

-To the lake without me. :( Is it beautiful? 8:17 AM

-Yeah, the lake is rlly pretty. I luv it. 8:18 AM

-I bet it is. Did u meet anybody new? 8:19 AM

I frowned.
-Sort of, Jason, Grammie Sammie, and Hannah. 8:21 AM

-Whos this Jason? 8:23 AM

I stared at the phone trying to answer quickly.
-I rented Grammie Sammie's basement and Jason lives with her. 8:25 AM

-I don't like the sound of a guy living with you. >:( 8:27 AM

-I know. I don't like it either. But the basement is already furnished and everything and I only have to pay 500$ for three months. Jason is really everywhere. But Im only at the house from 11PM to 9AM. It's only during the night. Don't worry, I can take care of myself. 8:31 AM

I took a deep breath and grinned.
-Good. I don't want any guy to be touching you. 8:32 AM

-I know Harry!! (: 8:33 AM

-How much do you really want to see me out of 10. 8:33 AM

I smirked.
-10 (: 8:34 AM

-That's relieving. 8:35 AM

-How about me? 8:36 AM

-100000000000000000 8:37 AM

-Awww(: That means a lot. 8:38 AM

-You mean a lot to me... 8:42 AM

-I know Harry. I understand now. 8:45 AM

-You should have understand before you threw the bracelet on the ground. :( 8:46 AM

-I know. I made a mistake. /: 8:47 AM

-No you didn't. I just didn't know you weren't ready. I was pushing you to hard, even I didn't know until you left me all alone. 8:48 AM

-Its okay Harry, it's over now. (: 8:49 AM

I smiled.

-I love you to Harry. <333 8:51 AM

-Where's my morning love! 8:52 AM

-I LOVE YOU TOO HARRY!! <333 better? 8:53 AM

-MUCH Better :) 8:54 AM

I knew its going to be the best day ever since Bella left.
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