More Than This

Yu will love it!!! The crazy life a teenage girl getting to meet One Direction. but something is holding her down. Could it be a guy from One Direction.
Find out!!!!!


3. Changing lives

Harry's POV:

I know Bella said to not visit her but I just can't stand to be without her for even 3 hours. I just finish rehearsals and an interview with Clevver TV.
"Lou, I'm going to Bella's house. Wanna come? I think she would like to see you." I asked Louis.
"I can't Harry I have to go to Liam's house, I'm helping his sister do her homework." I nodded and we exchanged good byes.
"I'll tell her that you said hi." he nodded. I took off in my nice Mercedes and drove to Bella's house. I knocked on her door but she didn't answer. I searched plants and under the outside chair cushions to find a spare key but no where to be found.
It took me 15 minutes to find where she hid the key. It was hiding under a pot in her garden. Under her favorite flower, Pink and blue lilies. I unlocked the door and everything looked fine but her room. It was almost empty and her charm bracelet I gave her was scattered all over the ground.
What happen in here. Her blue suitcase was gone and her athletic bag was gone too. Her snapbacks and her scrapbook was gone. Her emergency money box was left empty and I found a piece of paper on her bedside table. I read it over and over at least 10 times. I couldn't believe she was leaving me. She left because she wanted me to get a girlfriend and to stop worrying about her. What kind of reasoning is that? Why couldn't she say it to my face?
I sighed with confusion and depression. Why is she doing this to me? I couldn't leave now so I called my manager and he said he could make the world tour faster. I'll just find her somewhere in America. she knew that it would be obvious to stay somewhere in this continent.
I kneeled down on the ground and collected all the beads and charms. I put it in my string book bag and left the flat. I put her keys back where I found it. I won't be seeing her until another 4 weeks or maybe even more. It could even be forever. . . I took my time and drove to my flat which was 5 minutes away from my flat.
I called Lou.
"Hey mate."
"I just came back from Bella's place. She wasn't home."
"Where'd she go."
I sighed. "She left. I think she moved to America"
"Why would she do that without telling you?"
"I don't know..."
"Did you tell her anything the last time you saw her?"
"I saw her this morning, last. Before she went to school."
"What did you two talk about?"
I groaned. I didn't really feel like bringing it back up. "Well she wanted it to be a Best Friends day off thing and I didn't really like the idea. I told her why and I didn't need anybody else but her. I guess she had a lot of things on her mind. Probably something happen at school, too. She had a hard day on her. I want her back. I can't stand being without her."
"I think my Harry is falling in love." Louis said dramatically.
"Hey. That's not the point Lou. She left because of me, she couldn't take things anymore. She's depressed. She couldnt get her feelings out. It's all in her head."
"I understand. Maybe you can find her when we have the world tour in America. We stay at the place for at least a week at each place. You have time Harry. Since we aren't at tour yet, maybe you can find out more things and what you are going to tell her when you see her again."
"Hopefully...Thanks Lou. I'm going to go now."
"Bye Harry."
We ended the call. Im glad Lou was there to help me. I would probably go ballistic if someone didn't comfort me.
All night I laid on my bed to fix the bracelet. I messed up a few times so I had to restart over and over again. I felt bad for Bella. She didn't have much people that cared for her in life. Bella's Dad died and her mom always drunk. She didn't really have nobody but me and the rest of One Direction.
At 4:00 AM, I finish her bracelet and I smiled to myself. I can't wait to find Bella. Tell her everything I needed to tell her. I wanted her to be with me forever and always. Right By My Side.
Since I didn't have anything to do left I stayed up thinking about Bella.
It was 10:00 AM so I decided to call my mum.
"Hey Honey."
I smiled. I love when she calls me that. "Hey mummy. Bella moved."
"Where to? Why didn't she tell me. I could of gave her something so she wouldnt feel lonely wherever she moved to."
"Why so far?"
"Mum, would you be mad if I went out with Bella."
"Of course not. I love Bella. I've always wanted you to go out with Bella."
"Yeah. I wanted you guys to go out like 6 years ago, but I wanted you to understand it yourself."
"What else did you want happen." I asked her curiously.
"I've already thought of an arrange marriage with Bella's mom before she got so crazy"
"Thanks mom but you should have told me earlier."
"No I shoudn't. Because if I did tell you, you would have thought that would be crazy. You and Bella were progressively growing on each other. You two kept it inside each other. You, Harry, didn't realize yourself until she left you today. Bella, still doesn't know. She's unsure. Now Harry, you better have a good grip because someone could steal her away from you."
"Mum, not to insult you but how do you know so much about this?"
"I've seen you two always happy. Always playing around like little kids having a fight. I've seen the way you two look at each other. And I talk to both of you kids, Harry. I'm like Bella's second mom."
"Thanks Mum. Love you."
"Love you to honey."
I sighed. What should I do now? I don't have any rehearsals or interviews today. I miss Bella.
I decided to meet the boys somewhere.

Bella's POV~

I arrived at New York a few hours ago. I decided to move into someones basement because it would be cheaper. I found a Starbucks with wifi and I looked up some flats. I found some lady's house, her name is Sammie. She has a big basements. The basement has two rooms, it's own laundry room, a big space that I could use for a comfy living space, and a bathroom. It was 1,000 dollars for 3 months. I was a really good deal. So I decided to look at it.
It only took me 8 minutes to find it. I knocked on the door.
"Coming." It sounded like a guy in his 19s.
Someone open the door and out came a smiling brown shaggy haired boy in his 19s.
"Who are you?"
"Is there someone named Sammie here?"
"Oh your talking about my Gran. She went grocery shopping."
"Jason! Don't tell lies." A chubby lady stood next to Jason and slapped him on the arm.
"I'm Grammie Sammie. You asked for me?"
I cleared my throat. "Umm. Yes I did. I saw you were renting your basement for 3 months for 1,000 dollars"
"I am dearie. Do you want to rent it?"I nodded. "Well, come on in. And I'll show you the basement." I took a step in and slipped on the mat. I almost fell but Jason held onto me. I stood up straight and pulled away from his grip.
"Watch your step, clumsy girl." Jason retorted and smirked.
"Jason! Don't mess with... What's your name dearie?"
"Bella Santora. Call me Bell."
"Pretty name Bell." I thanked her."Bell meet Jason. He lives with me because he can't do anything himself." She chuckled.
"Nice to meet you." I manage to choke out the words.
"Same to you." He said to me pulling his hands out his pocket. He sound like he actually meant it. I shook his hand and his light hazel eyes smiled at me matching his smile.
I don't know why but I smiled back.
"Be careful, sweet pea." I followed her footsteps down the stairs. I awed in amazement, how it's fully furnished and pretty designs everywhere. Most things were black and white but thats exactly how I wanted it to be.
"Did you know I was going to be here because this is how I imagined my house to be like." I looked around admiring everything.
"Not really. This was suppossed to be where Jason's wife supposed to live whenever he gets one. But for now I don't think that will ever happen."
"Oh." It was kind of weird knowing this is supposed to belong to someone else but I'm going to try to find my own place soon so this will be temporary until I know what's going to happen.
"Have fun while your here. I will make you your breakfast and dinner for free but I wont be home during the afternoon I have book club and sometimes yoga so I can't make your lunch."
"I barely even know you Grammie Sammie and you are already going to do that much. No I don't want you to do that. Plus I'm only going to be here during the nights and im barely going to be here during the day."
"You want to stay here?" I nodded. "Then follow my directions." I nodded again slowly.
"Well then at least give you tip." I handed her 1,000 dollars like I was supposed to and added another 1,000 dollars for her tip.
"Woah, pumpkin. That's way too much." she handed me 1,500.
"That's basically me paying half of what I'm supposed to."
"I know Bell. It's okay. You seem like a nice girl. Don't question me. I'm doing it for your sake." I nodded slowly. "If you need me ill be upstairs."
"Thanks Grammie." I shouted. So she can hear me.
Now Jason stood in front of me.
"Why are you here?"
"What do you mean?" I walked around tracing my hands along the ridge of the couches.
"I mean like, how did you get here? Or just your background information."
"Don't like talking about it."
"at least tell me something about your life." He said convincingly.
I sighed."Well I've been in America for less than 24 hours. I lived in London. My best friend makes me crazy."
"I'm sorry." he said.
"it doesn't matter anymore. I moved here so I don't have to go through it anymore."
"Im sorry."
"you don't have to keep saying sorry its not your fault." I turned around and all of a sudden we were face to face and he kissed me. I pulled away.
He cleared his throat and I looked at the ground.
"I'm going to go now."
I didn't say anything I just watched him go up the stairs.
Now I'm confused him even more than I was before. Why is everybody changing?
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