More Than This

Yu will love it!!! The crazy life a teenage girl getting to meet One Direction. but something is holding her down. Could it be a guy from One Direction.
Find out!!!!!


9. Arriving London

-Harry POV-

We arrived in New York City and Bella was still asleep, so i held her in my arms bridal style and took her up to her hotel room. I laid her down on the bed. I kissed her forehead and left the room, leaving her key to the room on the nightstand.

I walk dow a few doors and there was mine, I unlocked the door and walked inside, Niall was already inside.

"Incoming Harry Styles, everybody." Niall said in a announcer voice. I laughed.

"What are you going to do today?" I asked him while changing into a clean white tshirt and some khakis.

"I might go to the nearest mall to buy myself a hat." He answered.

"You are in love with those hats arent you." I grinned.

"Of course, i collect them everywhere we go." Niall changed, too. Into some nice jeans and a striped Aero shirt.

"I've noticed." i said reluctantly.

"You now you shouldnt be worried, Louis knows how much you like Bella, so dont think to much about it." Niall said randomly.

"How did you know i was thinking about that?" i said shockingly.

"im one of your best lads, im not that clueless. Im going to go now."Niall ran out the door.

I yelled out the door. "Get Zayn one too!"

"Alright-y" Niall screamed back running down the stairs without looking back for a second.

I changed into my swimming trunks and grabbed my key and a towel.

I walk to the door next to mine, it was Louis, Zayn and Liam's room. I knoecked on the door.

"Door is open." I heard Lou's voice. I opened the door and walked in. Their room was bigger than mine, since their is three people living in this hotel room.

"Hey." I said, watching Louis and Zayn watch cartoons on the TV. Liam sitting down on his bed reading a book.

"What brings you here, laddie." Louis asked, not taking his eyes off the TV.

"Just wanted to see if you guys wanted to go for a swim. Its not too hot or too cold outside today."

"Sure" Everyone replied excitedly, taking their eyes off of what they are doing and jumped off the bed to find their swim trunks.

~Bella's POV~

I woke up in a strange place. All the memories flash by in my head and i remembered the last thing was when i fell asleep in his lap. I'm in the hotel room. I wondered who carried me up here. I saw the key next to the lamp. I changed into a blue sleeveless jersey with the number 14 and the words New York Giants on it. I pulled on a sleeveless gray jacket and a pair of denim bermuda shorts. I pulled my hair in a loose, messy bun and grabbed the keys. I left the room and checked the number so i know what room number i was in.

I dont know where everyone else was, so I took out my phone and called Harry. He didnt pick up. I tried a few more times and he still didnt pick up. I called Louis, Zayn, and Liam and no on epicked up. I called Niall last, he finally picked up on the last ring.

"Hello?" Niall bellowed.

"Hey Niall, do you know where Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam are?" I said walking down the stairs.

"No, im not with them. Im at the mall. Why? What happen?"

"Oh. I just woke up and I called them and none of them picked up. Why did you go to the mall alone?"

"I collect hats at every place I visit." Niall replied happily.

"Oh yeah. If you find out where they are tell me, okay?" i asked.

"Sure, hey i could use some company. Wanna meet me at the mall?"

"Sure. I guess. I got nothing else to do." I walked out the entrance of the hotel.

"Meet me at the 3rd entrance."

"Alright, see you then." I ended the phone call.

I grabbed a taxi and it drove me to the third entrance of the nearest mall. I walked inside.

"Wow, you are already here." Niall pulled me into a hug. He was wearing a oversized hoodie and sunglasses. He was trying to be unnoticeable so he wont be mobbed by his fans before tomorrow nights concert.

"Where we heading?" I asked, pulling his hood up hiding his luxurious brown roots, blond tips hair. We started walking. I love standing next to Niall, he isnt much taller than me, unlike the rest of the lads. He is a few inches taller than me, 4 inches.

"Lets go to..... LIDS." Niall said jumpingup and down like a cute bunny. I laughed.

"You didnt buy a hat yet?"

"Oh no. I have, I just haven't bought enough hats yet." Niall said lifting his full bags of stuff and hats. I laughed at his serious statement.

"Ohkay, lets get going." We walked and talked about, everything. About Harry crying when I left to go to New York. About what i did at my stay here. About Jason. About what Im going to do about Harry and about Niall thoughts of everything. He really had lots of ideas, funny ones too.

I grabbed hat a blue and white hat that said the words Dolphins on it. I set it on Niall's head. "There perfect."

He laughed."i know i look great in this hat because i already have one."

"Well excuse me, i dont know which hat you do have and which ones you don't" I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes jokingly.

"Here." He grabbed two hat on the lower shelf. "One for you and one for me." it was a black and white snapback with the words Devils. "Now we both look perfect." He put the hat on my head moving my bangs to the side. He smiled and bought the hats. We walked and talked, buying more hats and clothes at Forever 21, American Eagle, and Hollister. We dropped by Abercrombie, Aeropostale, and Candy World. We also bought a few souviners until...

...someone tapped me on the shoulder.

~Harry's POV~

We finished up our swimming we dried ourselves up and we went to our floor to change. I got into some sweats before i went to meet the lads in their room. When i walked in, everybody was in bow ties/ties and nice dressed clothing. I must havent been caught up in the schedule for today?

"Vas happening?" I meant seriously but said it in a joking voice.
"And im the slow one.." Zayn said pointing at himself.
"We are going to a fancy dinner." Liam said.
"Why is that?" Still confused.
"Liam, Zayn and I wanted to show you and Niall someone." I nodded in agreement.
"Niall should be here soon. Louis call him when you are done changing." Zayn said to Louis.
"Well go change!" Liam shouted. I ran to my room and changed into a a nice light blue dress shirt and black khakis.

When I was slipping on my dress shoes, Louis ran into the hotel room. "Harry, Bella and Niall are in trouble." i jumped off the chair and gripped Louis' shoulder.

"What. Happened." I looked him in the eye.
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