My love story with Harry Styles

After a One Direction concert Skylar would have never guessed that she would ever live with with Harry Styles and the boys, let alone fall in love with Harry. It all may seem a perfect love story until something terrible works it magic. Will it end in happiness? Or will it end up in a trail of broken hearts? Just read to find out. (:


10. Truth or Dare

**Harry's P.O.V**

It was all over twitter. I don't mind. I was in love with the most wonderful girl in the world. Skylar Starr James is my girlfriend. I will never let her go. She is a beautiful girl and i love her so much. Words can not describe how much I love her.

My thoughts were interrupted when Louis came screaming at Elanor cause she forgot to buy carrots. That boy and his carrots.


"I- Im s- sorry L-Louis" said Elanor through some laughter. Louis crossed his arms and laid on the floor.

"Don't we still have carrots in the fridge?" I asked him. He dashed to the fridge and screamed in pure joy.

"It's okay Elanor i forgive you," and with that he kissed her for-head and a carrot. That boy has problems. Elanor was still laughing and i was too.

"Hey El, do you know where Sky is?" She nodded still laughing and pointed to her and Aimee's room. I walked that way and knocked on their door. "Come in!" Aimee shouted. I opened the door and saw that Sky wasn't in there. "Oh, Sky is in the shower, she will be out soon. I have to call my mum real quick. Do you mind?" I shook my head and left the room.

"Hello? Mum? How is your trip so far? Oh thats great, me and Sky are having the best of times. Were actually about to see a movie right now so I'll call you later. Okay bye." Aimee lied to her mum. Not that i didnt use to do that to my mum. Oh well. I heard the shower turn off. My stomach flipped. I can't wait to see her. It's only been like 25 or 20 minutes but i love her so much. "Hey Sky, Harry is out side waiting for you. Me and Niall are about to go to Nandos and i think Liam and Danielle are going out with Zayn and Perrie. Louis and Elanor went to the beach so I guess you guys have the house to yourselves for awhile,"

"Okay Aims, I'm gonna get changed and go see Harry, bye have fun." Her voice is so beautiful. Aimee walked out the door and told me Sky should be out in a minute. Aimee left and Sky came out giving me a quick peck.

"Hello love. Aimee told me we have the house to ourselves for awhile, so what you want to do?" I shrugged.

"I just want to be with you thats all," I smiled and she did too she gave me a kiss and she pulled away. I hugged her and smiled.

~~~~~~~~~~Later that evening~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`


"Go see Elanor then!" I yelled at him

"I cant! She is with her family for some emergency, I guess her mom got in labor or something like that," I sighed. Thats when Niall and Aimee came in.

"I'm so full." Aimee said gripping her stomach.

Niall laughed, "I could eat a little more," typical Niall.

"IM BOOORREED!!" Louis yelled again.

"Lets play truth or dare!!" Niall yelled. Sky smiled and nodded everyone agreed.

**Sky's P.O.V**

I grabbed a empty beer bottle and spun it. It landed on Niall. "Truth or Dare Niall?"

"Hmmm, Dare?" I smiled.

"I dare you to um, kiss Louis!!" He made a face and so did Louis. "You chose dare,"

"Can't I kiss Aimee instead?" Niall complained. Aimee blushed. I shook my head and Louis and Niall groaned. They did it though, they kissed each other. Niall started wiping his lips and so did Louis. Aimee kissed Niall and he stopped wiping. Louis went to go get a wipe. "Oh common Louis it wasnt that bad was it? You liked it," Niall winked and everyone started busting up laughing. Louis grunted and punched Niall in the arm. Niall spun the bottle and it landed on me. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare?" I asked nervously. He smiled.

"KISS LOUIS!" He screamed. I shook my head and Louis crossed his arms.

"Why does it always have to be me?" He mumbled. Harry placed his arm around my waist and I laughed and shrugged. I leaned over and kissed Louis on the cheek. Harry smiled. Louis wiped his for-head as if there were sweat there. I laughed and Harry pecked my lips i smiled. I spun the bottle and it landed on Aimee, she said dare and she had to lick Harry's foot. It was gross. In the end Louis had to run around the neighbor hood naked saying "IM A PRETTY LADY" he got slapped. I had to kiss Niall and Aimee. Harry had to drink fruit punch... with Louis' foot dipped in it. Aimee had eat chilly. She really hates chilly. Niall had to act pregnant.

"I need to sleep now. I'm kinda tired. Want to come sleep with me tonight Aimee?" Niall asked. She froze. I froze. We looked at each other. We know what he wants. "No Sky, not like that," He rolled his eyes. Aimee let out a breath and smiled.

"Sure Nialler," She took his hand and got up. He better not try anything.

"I'll walk you out," I said. I gave Niall a look and he gave me one telling me he promises not to do anything. I closed the door and shook my hair out. "Well Harry, I'm tired too," He walked over to me and grabbed my  waist pulling me close to him, my stomach was doing a dance.

"Goodnight love," he kissed me and there was sparks. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we must've been kissing for a while but I dont care. I love this boy. I finally pulled away and smiled at him. He picked my up bridal style and put me in his room. He kissed me and stripped down to only his boxers.

"H-Harry? What are y-you doing?" I asked nervously.

"Getting ready for sleep love, do you mind if we sleep together?" i shook my head.

"Of course not, let me go get changed,"

"Take your time," I smiled and went to go get changed. I wore this: (I'm not sure how this is going to work out so im trying this sorry)

I came back and Harry was laying on the bed looking up at his phone. He saw me and smiled putting away his phone. "Hello love, ready for bed?" I nodded and laid down. He pulled me closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me and i quickly fell asleep. Safe in his arms.

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