My love story with Harry Styles

After a One Direction concert Skylar would have never guessed that she would ever live with with Harry Styles and the boys, let alone fall in love with Harry. It all may seem a perfect love story until something terrible works it magic. Will it end in happiness? Or will it end up in a trail of broken hearts? Just read to find out. (:


14. Going to the mall

**Skylar P.O.V** 

I put in the first Toy Story movie and Liam screamed with joy. I wiggled under the covers and sat close to Liam. We were still finishing the chocolate ice cream cause its hard to eat it with forks. We finally put it down and Liam pulled me in closer to him. I rested my head on his chest and drifted to sleep watching the movie. I remember Liam wrapping his arm around me and kissing my for-head and telling me goodnight.

**Liam's P.O.V**

I wrapped my arm around her. Kissed her for-head and told her goodnight. She looks beautiful when she is asleep. Danielle looked so beautiful when she slept to. I miss her. But she cheated on me. She shouldnt have done that. I continued to watch the movie but fells asleep right after still holding Skylar in my arms.

**Harry's P.O.V**

I continued watching spongebob and i couldn't stop thinking about Skylar and Liam. Why did he ask her to sleep with him? Well, he did just break up with the girl of his dreams. I would be like that too. I want to go pick her up and put her in my room. I'm a little bit jealous. I wish i was sleeping with her. I feel asleep and dreamed of Skylar.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MORNING TIME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

**Harry's P.O.V**

I woke up to Louis screaming. "SHIT"

"What did you do?" I asked him rubbing my eyes.

"I burnt my finger. I'm making us some tea, "

"Yay Louie tea" He chuckled.

"Morning guys," Skylar came in rubbing her eyes and yawning. She may have bed hair but she is still beautiful.

"Hey love," I smiled at her and kissed her cheek. She smiled and put her arms up. "What?" I gave her a confused look.

"Up!" She said like a small child.

"You want me to carry you?" She nodded. I chuckled. "Okay," I picked her up and she leaned her head over my shoulder and wrapped her legs around my torso. Louis chuckled and went back to his tea. I walked to her room and I sat on the bed. Skylar still on my lap.

"Harry," she whispered into my ear.

"Yes love?"

"I love you," I smiled.

"I love you too." I kissed her for head and sat her down. She fell back not using one muscle of her body.

"I'm tired, can you choose my clothes for me?" I nodded she still didn't move at all. I wonder how late she was up. I got her one of my Jack Wills sweat shirt and the I love Zayn t-shirt. I laughed. I got her pants and the rest of the stuff she needs. (Blah blah boring stuff) She finished changing and she had put on the necklace i gave her, she put on the future Mrs. Styles bracelet and her glasses. Her was in a messy bun but I didnt care. I got changed into my plaid shirt and jeans I combed my hair and she smiled. "I love you curls," she said jumping on my back. I smiled.

"I love you too Skybear," I winked at her. I gave her a piggy back ride to the kitchen and walked slowly so i wouldnt hurt her. She hopped off my back and smiled pecking my cheek.

"Wow, you did a good job this time," she winked. I chuckled. Liam walked in changed and looking at his phone. His expression went to angry and he threw it at the wall breaking it. Sky ran after him. "Liam, its okay. It's okay," he started to cry a little. "Maybe a little running around will make it better," he nodded and grabbed her hand. She grabbed mine. "Louis can you meet us with El at the mall?" He nodded and dialed El's number. I grabbed the keys and hopped in the driver seat. Sky took the passenger and Liam sat behind us looking out the window. Poor guy. I grabbed Skylars hand and she smiled. It's early in the morning so there shouldnt be too much people. Right? "Are you okay Liam?" She asked him sweetly. I love her voice.

"Yes," He sighed.

"Do you mind telling me what and who the text was from?" He sighed again.

"It was from Danielle. She said she was so sorry and wants to get back together. She never ment to do it and she only kissed him a couple times so i shouldnt be too upset, she doesnt get it. They still kissed, she still went behind my back. I'm never getting back together with her," Sky sighed and nodded as if she knew his pain. Did she? I hope not.

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