My love story with Harry Styles

After a One Direction concert Skylar would have never guessed that she would ever live with with Harry Styles and the boys, let alone fall in love with Harry. It all may seem a perfect love story until something terrible works it magic. Will it end in happiness? Or will it end up in a trail of broken hearts? Just read to find out. (:


34. Found you.

**Skylar's P.O.V ** 

I looked around me. I was in some kind of van. Aimee and my ex James had stuffed me in here. I don't know why, well maybe I do. Aimee spun around to look at me. She smiled evily. I pleaded her through my eyes to let me go. She rolled her eyes and sighed. She ripped off the duck-tape on my mouth and I whimpered. She slapped me. "Shut up," 

"Aimee, why are you doing this? Please let me go," She laughed, and shook her head. 

"You took Niall away from me, he loves you now. I'm pregnant now, look at me! I'm a mess. I want to be with Niall but you stole his heart from me, therefor you will pay," She pushed something up against my face. I got really dizzy and blacked out.

~~~Waking up now~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up. Dizzy, I had to wait for my vision to come clear again. I was in some kind of dungeon sort of thing. I heard whispers coming from outside the door, very loud whispers. I think they were coming from Aimee and James. I could hear the anger and frustration in her voice. I can hear the irritation in his. Finally, the whispering ended and Aimee stormed off. I heard a slam and James came walking in. "Slut, you think that she will just get rid of our stupid baby already," Our? It was his baby? Oh god, Aimee why. He looked over to me and smiled. "Hello sleepy head, ready for what this-" 

"Why am I here James?" 

"Don't interrupt. It's rude,"

"And you think dragging me here in a van, knocking me out, and chaining me up isn't? James let me go. I did nothing bad," He looked away then looked back. His expression was furious. 

"I made a mistake okay? I didn't want to break up with you, you were the best thing that happened to me. Now you refuse to take me back so I'm forcing you, your going to love me. Whether you like it or not," I looked away about to cry. 

"Just let me go, leave me alone. I need to go back, please?" He walked over to me and slapped me. He picked me up and pressed me against the wall. He started to choke me, like in my dreams but actually touching me this time. I tried to get is hands off my neck but I couldn't. 

"I will let you go if you do everything I say first," I nodded a little. "Besides, you have nothing to live for any ways, Aimee hates you. Your parents are dead, Harry he wont find you ever again," This is like my dream just different words. I let tears fall, I couldn't breath. Suddenly a door slammed open. 

"SKYLAR!" Liam yelled as the other boys apeared behind him. Including Harry. 

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