My love story with Harry Styles

After a One Direction concert Skylar would have never guessed that she would ever live with with Harry Styles and the boys, let alone fall in love with Harry. It all may seem a perfect love story until something terrible works it magic. Will it end in happiness? Or will it end up in a trail of broken hearts? Just read to find out. (:


33. Didn't expect that did you?

**Skylar's P.O.V**

We kissed for awhile. When I finally pulled away I smiled. He did too. He grabbed my waist and walked me to the car.


I walked inside with Harry's arm around my waist. I smiled. He opened the door for me. And I saw someone that I never thought I would see again. Aimee.

**Harry's P.O.V**

Aimee was sitting there, I could tell Niall was getting angry. I looked at Skylar. Her eyes watering. Aimee say Skylar and stood up. "Skylar I-"

"No! Just, leave me alone," Skylar stormed off into our room. Slamming the door behind her. Great.

"Get out Aimee," Niall mumbled.

"Niall, I want you back. I know you want me back too," I looked down to our room Liam walked in. Hopefully he will take care of her.

"Aimee, get out of here. You broke my heart. And worse of all you broke Skylar's, she is my best friend and I care about her, leave her alone," Niall said calmly. Aimee placed her hand on her pregnant stomach.

"Niall, please," she sighed. Niall slammed his fist on the table scaring her and me.

"GET OUT!" She started to cry. She ran pass me and out the door. I shook my head and took a step towards Niall, he put his hand up. "No, I have to think. I'll be in the backyard," I nodded. I was considering going with him but I decided not to. He needs time alone. I better go check on Skylar. I walked into her room and she wasn't there. I walked into mine and she wasn't there either. Where is she?

"Skylar?" I started to freak out. "Skylar?" I looked around. I saw a window open, oh god. Did she jump?

"HARRY!" Liam came running in. "Some guy just took Skylar!! Aimee was with him too!" Oh no. I started to run towards where the people had Skylar.

"SKYLAR!!!" I screamed as loud as I could. Before they put her in the van they looked at me. I started running towards them but they were fast. I had just barely made it to the car when they drove away. I ran after them, it was no use. I fell to my knees. "Skylar," I started to cry. The boys came up behind me and helped me up. I wanted to run after them. The boys held me from doing so and put me in the car. They drove away I had no idea where we were going, but they seemed to. I needed to find Skylar before she is seriously hurt.

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