My love story with Harry Styles

After a One Direction concert Skylar would have never guessed that she would ever live with with Harry Styles and the boys, let alone fall in love with Harry. It all may seem a perfect love story until something terrible works it magic. Will it end in happiness? Or will it end up in a trail of broken hearts? Just read to find out. (:


18. Authors Note

Hey, um. It's 10: 30 and i uh still have to finish my science homework and math homework and language arts homework. And Musical Theater homework. UGH!! But i've been at that for like 2 hours straight. I think I want to take a break and write a chapter just for you guys.  A little shout out to a good friend Tickles222. That person lighted up my night. Thanks(: OH! So, I'm thinking about making another character or something. Or if you have any suggestions of what you might like to see in the story would help too. So, uh. You can email me at: or message me on twitter. My twitter name is DarkandTwisty00. Thanks so much for reading. I hope you guys are liking it! Now, I'm going to write a chapter and get back to my stupid homework. Goodbye lovelies <3 (: xx

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