Too Late

Being too late has its consequences.


1. Too Late

I stumbled there;

Fell in the snare.

After all, I had time,

And it'd only be onetime.

If only I had refused,

I know it was misused.


I darted out the door,

Zipped past the floor.

I was going to be late,

And the punishments: great.

I had given my word,

Now, it would be blurred.


My little voice made me halt,

"It's not your fault."

I stopped and paused,

"Then who had caused?"

An answer I had not,

Now, my heart was in a knot.


I didn't know what to think;

I just had to come to sync.

Perhaps a lie would suit fine?

Everything seemed to shine.

Yes, yes that will do,

No one will have a clue.


Ten off cue: I had come,

My mouth dry; my throat numb.

"Where have you been?"

"Well, let me begin..."

I had told my lie,

With that: it was 'good-bye'.


I returned in the evening,

And reviewed the happening.

It was my mistake;

I began to ache.

"If only I had been truthful,

And less like a petty fool."


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