Surprise at the Soccer Fields

Alexis is a soccer player who loves One Direction. Who is the new coach everyone is talking about? What happens when she becomes the new coach's assistant? Will there be romance?


1. Up and Early on a Saturday

It was Saturday morning and I was just waking up for my first practice of the season. I just liked to play soccer in the fall. I took a quick shower, and put my medium-length brown hair in a ponytail and adde my favorite headband. I was tall, and had long toned legs and arms. I pulled on my shinguards, and pulled my long neon socks on over them. Then I put on my cleats. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. In my bag I had an extra pair of shinguards, and extra pair of socks, some ponytails and headbands, and sunglasses. I filled up my water bottle, and got myself a bowl of cereal. Soon my brother and parents came down, ready to go. We all got in the car. I could drive myself, but my little brother, Nick had a game right after my practice, so I would just stay. Nick kept saying how he was all excited to meet his new assistant coach for the first time because he'd been visiting family in England or something. Soon we were at the soccer fields and I jumped out of the car, and made my way to our practice field. My team was a co-Ed team, so I had boys on my team too. Some of my friends, Zach and Tommy were warming up, and Tommy booted the ball way past Zach, right to me. I caught it easily, and bombed it right back to him.
"Nice kick, Tom," I shouted.
"Thanks, Mandy. Wanna warm up with us?" he asked.
"Sure," I said," Hey Zach,"
"Hey. Is Nick playing today?" Zach asked.
"Yeah. He's excited because he gets to meet the new assistant coach today," I said.
"Oh yeah, I've heard about him," Zach said.
"Yeah, I heard hes from Ireland or somewhere like that," Tom piped up.
After that, we finished warming up, and started practice. When we were done we said our goodbyes and I put on my pair of comfy flip flops and wales over to Nicks field. I was chugging the Gatorade that our coach had given us like there was no tomorrow. I sat down next to my parents, still drinking Gatorade. I spit out all of it in a beautiful manne as soon as I saw Nicks assistant coach. I could tell because he was sitting on the bench while the coach was standing next to the field. He had nice blond hair with dark roots, a Jack Wills sweatshirt, a pair of sweats, and an awesome pair of neon soccer cleats. I looked at his face again. I recognized it, but I couldn't place it.

It's Niall Horan.
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