Surprise at the Soccer Fields

Alexis is a soccer player who loves One Direction. Who is the new coach everyone is talking about? What happens when she becomes the new coach's assistant? Will there be romance?


11. Signing

Lexi's POV

Whew. I had just gone to the living room and I was exhausted, even with help from my mom! Crutches are hard! This whole cast thing is still so new to me, probably since I've onl had it on for a day! It was empty, just begging for Louis' signature so that it could be signed by everyone. I couldn't wait to see Niall. He probably would have been bored just sitting around with me all day, so I hoped he had fun with the guys. Then I realized that I had no idea where my phone was. I bet Niall put it back in my soccer bag after he called my parents yesterday.

"Mom, do you know where my soccer bag is?" I asked Mom.
"Yes, it's behind the couch," she said.
"Can you please get my phone from it?" I asked.
"Of course," she said, getting up and retrieving it from its usual pocket. "Here you go," she said, handing it to me. I looked through to see if I had any notifications. I had twenty text messages, mostly from friends and my teammates. But one stuck out if particular. The name was 'Niall'. When did he put that in there? Maybe after he was talking to my parents or something? That sneaky leprechaun. The message said
'Hey babe, just want u to kno that I love you and hope to see you later'. He sent that this morning. I decided to call him. He answered on the second ring.

"Hullo?" he said.
"Hi Ni!" I said.
"Lexi! How's my favorite girl?"
"She's good, just a broken leg," I joked.
"I know that. Hey, I think I forgot what your eyes look like, so I think we need to come over," he said.
"Why do you care about my eyes?" I asked him.
"Because I love every part of you, and if I can't remember the most beautiful part, then where does that leave me?" he asked.
"You're so cheesy!" I teased him, laughing. "Sure, come on over, I need to refresh my memory on your eyes as well," I said, smiling.
"We'll be there in ten," he said. "I love you."
"Love you too, Ni," I said. Then I hung up.

"Niall and his friends are coming over in ten minutes," I announced to mom.

"Okay. Hey, do you want to change?" she asked. I looked at my attire. I was still wearing my soccer shorts from yesterday, but I had changed my shirt into an old t-shirt.

"Yeah, I'll change. I got it," I said as I heaved myself up. I grabbed the crutches and made my way to my room. I changed into a nicer t-shirt and yoga pants that went mid-calf. I yanked the leg with the cast on it over the cast, so it wouldn't get plaster on it. Then I re-did my messy bun, and shuffled back out to the living room. I badly just wanted to walk normally with the cast, but I would probably crack it. Not good. I checked my phone again, and realized it was Monday.

"Mom, aren't you supposed to be at work?" I asked. She worked as a teacher during the school year, and during the summer she worked at a clothes store in town.

"Yeah, but I wanted to make sure you were okay with your cast. I have to go in tomorrow, though. Are you okay with that?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'll just hang with Ni and the guys," I assured her.

"Okay, great. Are you sure you want to be a world famous guy's girlfriend?" she sudden asked me.

"Yeah, I think so. I mean, he's so nice and caring, and he's coaching Nick's soccer team! What other celebrity would do that besides any of his friends?" I told her.

"That's true. Okay, then. As long as you're sure," she said as I spotted the guys coming across the street through the big bay window in the front of the house.

"They're here!" I exclaimed. "And thanks for your advice, Mom," I told her.

"You're welcome, love," she said as she kissed the top of my head. Then she went to go answer the door. "Niall! Come in!" she exclaimed when she saw them. She moved out of the way and let them in, and they all gave her a hug.

"Louis! Liam! Harry! Zayn! Niall! You're here!" Nick yelled, running into the room and tackling Louis.

"Heey, little man," Louis said, lifting him up.

"I signed Lexi's cast before you did," Nick said, a smile creeping on his face.

"Hey! I called dibs first!" Louis whined. "You know what, we'll deal with this like men. Get your soccer ball and meet me outside in ten minutes," he instructed him.

"Okay!" Nick said and ran out to find his ball.

"I'm sorry, you didn't get our names," Louis said. "I'm Louis," he said.

"I'm Harry," said Harry.

"I'm Liam," Liam said.

"I'm Zayn," said Zayn.

"And you know me, Niall," Niall said.

"Of course. You were very helpful yesterday," Mom told him.

"Thanks," he said, looking at me.

"Hi Niall!" I yelled.

"Hi Lexi!" he said, almost running to me. He gave me a quick peck on he lips and then flopped on the couch next to me. The guys all came foward, and gave me bear hugs, even though I was in a sitting position. I greeted them, and Louis whipped out a Sharpie.

"Now I get to sign first!" he exclaimed. "Wait, second," he emphasized.

"Oh, come on! He's my little brother, and besides, I was on pain meds!" I told him.

"Fine, I forgive you," he moped while he bent down to sign he cast. He made his name big and loopy.

"That's just beautiful," Harry breathed. Everyone rolled their eyes.

"I'll let the boyfriend do the honors next," Louis said, handing the marker to Niall. He wrote it right on the foot. It was very neat. He smiled sheepishly.

"So you can always see my name," he said shyly.

"It's perfect," I told him, and leaned into him. He put an arm around me.

"Okay, okay, PDA. Now it's the best man's turn," Louis instructed.

"What best man? And whose wedding?" Liam asked.

"You, and that'll be at Ni and Lex's wedding," Louis explained. Niall and I looked at each other.

"Lou!" Niall complained. "We've been together for lik, a day!" he said.

"I'm fine with it," Mom piped up from behind the guys. We all laughed. "Have fun, everyone," she said, going into the kitchen.

"See!" Louis said. We just looked at him. "Fine, we'll figure out the details later, Liam, just sign the girl's leg," he said, pretending to be exasperated. Liam signed, then Zayn and Harry. Then Nick knocked on the window with his soccer ball in his arm, a big smile on his face.

"That's my cue," Louis said, standing up. "Who's coming with?" he asked.

"Me!" Liam, Harry and Zayn said.

"We'll be out in a bit," Niall said. They nodded and ran out the front door.

"I can't believe I almost forgot your eyes," he teased.

"Me either," I said back.

"You know, your eyes have little flecks of green," he said, leaning in to me. Our lips met, and it still felt like a puzzle. After a few seconds of kissing, we heard a knock on the window. Geez, people! It was Harry and Louis, making kissy faces at us. Making sure Nick wouldn't see, Niall flipped them off. They fell down laughing, as Niall helped me off the couch. I grabbed my crutches, and put on one shoe. As we came to the front door, I remembered there was a step. But Niall was way ahead of me, and he already had me in his arms. I opened the door, and he carried me out. He set me on the grass, and then body slammed Louis and Harry, who were still rolling around laughing. It turned into a world-championship wrestling match, all of them against each other, when Zayn whispered something into Nick's ear. His face lit up, and he drop kicked the ball right on top of all of them.

"OW!" they all chorused.

"Get out here!" Liam shouted. They raced to the street, where they started a game of soccer. I wondered if soccer sounded weird, since they called it football. Whatever. The sport with the white and black round ball. Our house was at a dead end, with ours on the end on our side and Sullivan's house the end on their side. The game went on for a while, only stopping a few times for water breaks. I just sat in the soft grass and sunbathed, sort of. It was a fun morning.
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