Surprise at the Soccer Fields

Alexis is a soccer player who loves One Direction. Who is the new coach everyone is talking about? What happens when she becomes the new coach's assistant? Will there be romance?


18. Practice

Niall's POV

After I was pretty much kicked out of the house by my fellow friends, I made my way around the pool area, down the slight decline towards the tennis courts, then the hundred or so meters to the rec garage. There was a padlock on the side door and a key code pad to open the door. I figured I should just call Lexi and ask for the code. I found my phone and dialed her number.

"Hey, Ni. Run out of gas?" she joked as she answered.

"No, I'm locked out of the garage. What's the pass code for the garage door?"
I heard some shuffling noises as she looked for the code.

"Okay, it's 9, 6, 1, 3, 1," she told me.

"Okay, thanks. It's getting late, I should start going," I said. "Love you."

"Love you too," she said, and we hung up. I punched in the correct code and the door opened smoothly. Inside were 3 beautiful four-wheelers on one side, and the dirt bikes on the other. These were some kick-ass vehicles. I went around to the red four-wheeler ad three my soccer bag in the compartment, where there was lots of space. I went to the rack on the other side of the garage and picked out a dark blue helmet. I also grabbed a lime green kid sized one for Jake as well. Then I went to a drawer and picked out some gloves for the fun of it. They were black leather, with blue and yellow racing stripes on them. Then I hopped on the four-wheeler and slowly pulled out to the concrete slab in front of the garage, then hopped off to close the garage door again. I got back on and turned it in. The engine revved to life, and the gas meter showed that it was full. Perfect.

I drove down Sullivan's property, through the soft grass. Sure enough, I saw the small stretch of woods up ahead. I drove through a small path, branches hitting my helmet. I flew right through, and drove onto the back road. I followed Lexi's instructions, and made it to the sports complex just as the first kid arrived. I drove the four-wheeler to the area behind the concession area. Then I unlocked the door I the building and got the bag of soccer balls, and my own bag, and went to the field that my team was supposed to have practice on.

"Hi, are you the new coach?" a mom asked.

"Hi. Yes, I am. My name's Niall, and Jake's older sister, Lexi will be coaching as well, bü she broke her leg, so I'll be by myself for the next few practices and games," I explained.

"Okay. Thanks. Bye, Collin!" she said to her son. I checked the clipboard that had the roster on it, and put a check next to Collin's name.

"So, Collin, since you're the first one here, how about you show me some of you moves?" I asked him.

He nodded. "Sure." So I got a soccer ball out and tossed it to him. He hit it with his head, barely making it into the goal. But he was good for his age. I think I remember him from the game. After a while, more kids came, and practice started.

"Hi Niall!" Jake said to me when he came. I turned around to face him. His mother was behind him.

"Hi Jake, hi Mrs. Cooper," I said.

"Hello, Niall. You can start calling me Catherine if you want, too," she said. "So how was your day?" she asked me.

"It was good, besides the fans. We had a lot of fun. So you and Mr. Cooper are going out for dinner while the fans get under control?" I asked her.

"Yep. And are you kids going to be safe?" she asked, eying Jake wearily.

"Oh yeah, we're completely fine. The fans will be taken care of soon. In fact, they might even be gone by the time Jake and I get back," I assured her.

"Oh, okay," she said. "Well, I have to get going. I'll see you later, Niall," she said.

"Bye," I called out to her. Then I turned around to face the team.

"Okay, everyone. So, I'm Niall, and I'm going to be your coach for the rest of the season. Jake's older sister, Lexi, will be coaching with me as well, but she broke her leg. So, does anyone have any questions for me?" I asked them. A little girl with blonde hair tied back in a bow raised her hand. I pointed to her.

"I think you're on a poster in my older cousin's room," she giggled.

"Actually, I probably am. I'm in that band, One Direction," I said. Some of the kids started jumping up and down.

"I like Liam!" a little girl shouted, her braid bobbing up and down.

"Would you like to call him on my phone if we have time after?" I quietly asked her, as she was now crawling up my leg.

"Yeah!" she shouted, then ran back to where her little friends were.

"So, should we get to some practicing?" I asked. All the boys cheered and ran to the ball bag. We did different drills and a little practice game. We also did goalie practices and how to steal the ball. I gave pointers and tips to lots of kids, and they understood them well. Soon the parents began to come and get their kids, much to their dismay, and mine as well. All of a sudden I felt a poke in my side. I looked down to see the little girl earlier.

"Oh, hey, Charlotte! Do you want to talk to Liam?" I asked her. She nodded and smiled wide. I found my phone, and looked through my contacts to Liam's. I dialed, and he answered.

"What's up, Ni?" he asked.

"I have a little fan that wants to say hi," I said, handing the phone to Charlotte.

"Hi," she said shyly. She paused for a few moments.

"Charlotte, and I love One Direction!" she exclaimed.

"I'm eight and a half," she said.

"Okay, bye, Liam," she said, handing my phone back.

"Bye, Charlotte," I said.

"Bye, Niall. Thanks!" she thanked me, running towards her mother. I put my phone back to my ear in case Liam was still on.

"Li?" I said into the phone.

"Hey, Niall. I'm still here. Charlotte sounded cute," he said. I laughed.

"Yeah, she is. Anyways, we'll be home soon," I said. "Are the fans still there?"

"Yup, by hopefully they'll be gone soon," he said.

"Okay, cool. Bye," I said, hanging up.

"Let's go, Jake," I said, holding all of my stuff.

"I can take the bag," he said, taking the soccer ball bag right out of my hand. I found the key and unlocked it, and he tossed the bag inside, and I locked the door again.

"Do we get to ride a four-wheeler?" he asked, excited.

"You know it!" I shouted, getting the two helmets out of the storage compartment and throwing my bag inside. Jake put his helmet on, and so did I.

"I'll sit in front, but you have to hold on tight," I said to him. He nodded. I jumped on, and he jumped on behind me, and wrapped his arms around my torso tight. I chuckled and started the four-wheeler up, and we started moving. Once we got onto the path, I sped up a bit, causing him to laugh. We soon made it back, and I parked the four-wheeler in the garage, and we went towards the house. We let ourselves in through the garage, and saw Liam and Zayn in the kitchen.

"Sup guys. Where's everyone else?" I asked.

"They're in the basement, playing video games," Zayn answered.

"Can I go down there?" Jake asked.

"Go for it," Liam said. Jake nodded and ran down the stairs.

"So, the fans?" I asked. They glanced at each other.

"Well, I guess Simon called the police, and they said that they should get the fans away within the hour, and that was about forty five minutes ago," Liam answered.

"Geez! Is it that hard to handle some fans?" I asked, exasperated.

"Just go see," Zayn said. So I went to the front windows and peeked out. There were quite a few police officers around, and they seemed to be doing a pretty good job of making the fans leave.

"Well, they're quite the handful," I inquired, going back to Liam and Zayn.

"No way," Zayn said sarcastically.

"I'm going down to see my girlfriend," I said like a drama queen. I trooped down the stairs and turned into the TV room.

"Lexi!" I shouted and jumped in her lap.

"Hi, Niall," she said, kissing my forehead. "How was practice?"

"It was good, the kids seemed to have fun," I said.

"Yeah, it was fun," Jake echoed, his eyes glued to the TV. He was currently in first place in the MarioKart game that he was playing with Louis and Harry.

"Beat you!" Louis yelled to Harry.

"I beat both of you!" Jake exclaimed.

"I call a rematch!" Harry yelled.

"Okay!" Louis screamed, restarting the game.

"Let's go upstairs," I said to Lexi. She nodded. I got up and pulled her with me. I picked her up and lifted her up the stairs.

"Does anyone want some dinner?" Zayn asked when we came up.

"Duh!" I said as I set Lexi down.

"Yeah! What do we have?" Lexi asked.

"Noodles, pasta sauce," Liam said, shuffling through the cupboards

"Pasketti!" Lexi yelled like a little kid. We all laughed.

"Alright, now how does this work?" Zayn asked aloud, staring at the stove.

"I got it, guys," Lexi smiled, standing up. "Wait, crap, I can't stand!" she suddenly remembered.

"Niall can hold you," Zayn said. I shrugged and supported Lexi as she filled a pot with water.
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