Surprise at the Soccer Fields

Alexis is a soccer player who loves One Direction. Who is the new coach everyone is talking about? What happens when she becomes the new coach's assistant? Will there be romance?


5. Pizza Pranking and Nemo

Niall's POV

I opened the door. I planned to try out my American accent. The pizza guy was standing there with the 6 pizzas, looking bored.
"Seventy-two dollars," he announced in a monotone voice.
"Okay, man, lemme get my wallet," I said, happy with my accent. I reached over to the table next to the door and got it. I grabbed a hundred dollar bill and gave it to him.
"Keep the change," I said, chuckling at his reaction, which looked like someone on a TV show with an idiotic look on his face, and someone had just paused it.
"Wow, thanks," he said. "Hey, you look familiar. You and some other guys are on a poster in my little sister's bedroom," He said, looking at my face.
"Sorry, man, I don't know who you're talking about," I said. I mean, it would be great to give a fan an autograph or something, but if she told, we could be trapped here. I took the pizzas, and the guy loped down the long sidewalk. Well, he'll have a bright future. I carried the pizzas to the marble counter in the kitchen, and took the top box out to the theater room, where everyone was getting settled in to watch the movie. I then proceeded to carefully open the box and took the biggest piece. Then I used the other side of the box as a big plate. Lou came over and tried to take a piece.
"Hey, paws off, buddy. This is NIALL's pizza," I said, exaggerating my name. "There's more in the kitchen," I announced, my mouth full of delicious pizza. Everyone ran to the kitchen, Lexi beating everyone. She came back and copied me, using the box as a big plate.
"NIALL! There's only 4 more pizzas here!" Liam yelled at the top of his lungs.
"Exactly!" I yelled back. "Gotcha!" I sang. Lexi burst out laughing.
"Fine with me!" Harry yelled. Then they all came back, looking more civil, using plates and forks like remotely normal people. Zayn started the movie. After about 50 minutes, I had completely inhaled about 3/4 of the ginormous pizza. This was one of my favorite movies. We watched for a little while longer when it ended. I noticed that Zayn had tears in his eyes, as did I. Then I noticed everyone else was crying, too. Lou was playing with Harry's curls as his eyes watered. Lexi, who was leaning into me, was weeping too. All of us guys always cries when we watches pretty much any Disney Pixar movie. Lexi surveyed the space around here, and smiled.
"Aww, you big softies," she said, who was now giggling. We all wiped our tears and pretended to be tough.
"Yeah, well, it's Disney, what can you expect?" Louis asked rhetorically.
"Nothing else," Lexi said simply.
"Amen," I said. We all laughed.
"What time is it?" Lex asked.
"About eight o'clock," Liam said, checking his phone. I got up.
"Where are you going?" Harry asked.
"To see if they have any ice cream," I said. I sauntered out of the theater room and into the kitchen, where I went into the huge walk-in freezer. No ice cream. "Crap," I mumbled. I shuffled back into the theater room.
"No ice cream," I said glumly.
"Lets go buy some!" Lexi yelled.
"Yeah! Anyone else want to come?" I asked. They shook their heads and glanced at each other, then at me. Louis raises his eyebrows at me. See, this is why I love these guys. Letting me go to he store with Lexi, alone.
"Alrighty, then. Let's go!" Lexi said. She sounded excited. We ran out of the house and across the street to her house. I waited outside while she ran inside to get her keys and wallet. She came back out, and we both hopped into her Mercury Mountaineer.
"I like your car," I said.
"Thanks," she replied. "My parents got I for me as an early graduation present," she added.
"Cool," I said. "So how old are you?" I asked as she put the car in reverse.
"I'm 18, 19 in June." She said proudly.
"That's awesome," I said. "I'll be 19 in September,"
"What day?" we both asked at the same time.
"The thirteenth," We answered each other at he same time again.
"Cool, so we're June and September 13th," I said.
"Yup, looks like it," she said, cracking a smile. "But I'm 3 months older," she added, giggling. By then we had pulled into the lot. "Wait, what I'd aomebody recognizes you?" she asked.
"Then I'll just use my American accent, and if you know them, tell them that I'm your cousin Graham," I told her.
"Okay, got it," she said, getting out of the car. I followed her inside. We quickly walked towards the frozen area.
"So, what kind do you want? I'm paying," I announced.
"You don't have to pay " she said, smiling.
"Yes, I do. You drove here, so I have to," I said.
"Okay, fine, we'll figure it out at the register," she said, pushing my shoulder. I picked out blue moon, peanut butter chocolate, mint Oreo, strawberry, and chocolate cookie dough.
She looked at my selections. "Um, are you planning to deprive the rest of the world of ice cream?" she asked.
I pretended to act shocked. "How did you know?" I questioned dramatically.
"Well, you have five gallons of ice cream," she said, giggling. Then we heard a blood curdling scream. "Niall Horan!"
"How do these people know who I am? I'm wearing a hat and a hoodie, for God's sakes!" I hides at Lexi. Then I heard fast footsteps coming towards me. I braced myself for the fan that was about to lunge at me and knock all of the precious frozen cream out of my hands.
But instead I saw Lexi jump in front of me and catch the girl.
"Lexi?" the girl asked.
"Yes, Taylor, it's Lexi," Lexi said.
"Wait, why are you with Niall Horan?" Taylor asked.
"Who? Oh yeah, that direction band," Lexi said with her perfect poker face. "Nope,
This is my cousin Graham," she said.
"Oh, okay, but I swear it's Niall Horan," Taylor said confusedly, looking at me.
"No, I'm Lexi's cousin, Graham, from Michigan," I said with a nearly perfect American accent.
"Oh," she said, staring at me intently. Just then Lexi's phone went off.
"Hey, Graham, my brother just texted me and said that he needs some help to put that bookshelf together. We'd better go," she lied.
"Oh, yeah, I forgot that he wanted me to help him with that," I said. "Bye, Taylor," I said as Lexi pulled me towards the checkout lines. We paid and jogged back to the car.
"That was close, Graham," she said teasingly.
"Yeah, just a little," I said. "Hey, did you actually get a text from someone, or did you just make your phone to off?" I asked.
"Oh, I just pressed the ringtone button while she wasn't looking," Lexi replied.
"Smart." I said. We drove back to the house, and went inside. I checked to see where the boys were, and they were nowhere to be found. Uh-oh. This was bad. A prank. I ran back into the kitchen, and explained to Lexi aghast we were under attack.
"Okay, so I think the lads are planning a prank against us. But I don't really want to be pranked, so here's my plan. We're goin to make it look like you tripped on one of their pairs of shoes," I said, gesturing to the four pair of shoes that were by the door. "Then we'll make it look like that you're bleeding, and for that we'll use ketchup. Then they'll all come out and freak out, and that's when we will most likely start laughing. Okay?" she nodded. She arranged the shoes, while I got he ketchup. She sat down, and I smeared it all over her calf. She giggled.
"Ticklish," she explained. I nodded.
"Are you ready?" she asked. I nodded again. She screamed as loud as she could, which blew my ears off, by the way, and I started yelling.
"Liam! Harry! Zayn! Louis! Help! Lexi needs help! She's bleeding!" I screamed at he top of my lungs. The boys came darting in from all directions. Ha, directions. Liam's eyes bugged out of his head.
"What happened?!" he said panicked.
"She tripped on some shoes," I said frantically. She started fake crying. She was pretty good at this.
"Here, I'll call for an ambulance," Zayn said, reaching for his phone.
"No, don't, it's fine, it's not that bad," Lexi said bravely. Louis had run to the cabinet to find something. He came back with gauze and surgical tape.
"Well, at least let me wrap it up," Lou said, kneeling down next to Lexi. "My mum has wrapped me in gauze so many times, that I don't even remember," he said to Lexi. She nodded sadly.
"Harry, get me a wet towel or something," Louis ordered. Gary came running back with what Louis asked him for. He began cleaning the ketchup off her leg. I could barely control myself.
"Wait, this is ketchup!" Louis yelled. That's when Lex and I lost it.
"Oh my gosh, that was hilarious!" Lexi yelled as we began rolling on the floor in fits of laughter.
"You are sick people!" Louis said, starting to laugh too.
"We have ice cream too!" I yelled. The rest of the guys were laughing too, and raced to the freezer.
"Mint!" Harry yelled as he grabbed a spoon and ran away wih the ice cream. Pretty much everyone else copied him, except for Liam, who grabbed a fork instead. I never really understood his fear of spoons. Strange. Lexi washed off her leg and came back into the kitchen.
"I forgot to get myself ice cream!" she said.
"That's okay, you can share with me," I said, getting the ice cream and two spoons. "Do you like blue moon?" I asked her.
"It's my favorite," she said, opening it. We walked into the theater room and sat down next to each other, eating the ice cream. They all looked at me. I shook my head slightly.
"What?" Lexi asked.
"Nothing, just brain freeze," I said, shaking my head again to make my lie seem more true.
"Oh, okay," she said. We put in another movie. Monsters Inc. When we finished the movie, Lexi got up and announced that she was going to bed.
"Where are you going to sleep?" Harry asked her.
"Oh, I don't know, probably the floor or somewhere else just as comfy," she said smiling.
"Oh no you're not," I said. "You can sleep with me, if you want?" I asked.
"Sure, thanks," she said.
"I'm gonna go up to bed too. Night lads," I said, following Lexi up the stairs. We both got into bed and I fell asleep instantly. It was a fun day.
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