Surprise at the Soccer Fields

Alexis is a soccer player who loves One Direction. Who is the new coach everyone is talking about? What happens when she becomes the new coach's assistant? Will there be romance?


3. Meeting the Guys

That's awesome!" I shouted. " I can't wait to meet them!"
"That's great, but you can't tell anyone where we are. Well, you can tell your best friend, or whatever, but that's it!" he said.
"Oh yeah, I got that. In pretty sure that I ha you believing that I didn't know who you were before!" I said, smirking.
"Okay, fine, that was really good. I'll give you that." he said. Suddenly his phone beeped. "Crap. It's Liam. He said that they all just got dropped off at the house, and it's locked," he laughed.
"Uh-oh, that's not good," I said. "Tell them that they could play basketball for a little while," I joked. "Hey, do you need a ride or something?" I asked him.
"Uh, actually, yeah. That's why I came over here," he smiled sheepishly. "Andrew kind of just dropped me off earlier and I figured I could walk, but I realized its kind of long," he said.
"Yeah, sure, get in the car," I said, pushing him in.
"Oh, hey Nick," I heard him say to Nick, whom he'd landed on top of. "Great game today,"
"Hi Niall!" Nick said. "Thanks!" I scooted in next to Niall.
"Mom, dad, this is Niall, Nicks coach, and he's staying at the Sullivan's house with his," I said.
"Hello Niall. You look familiar... Oh yes, youre in that band that Alexis loves!" my mom said. I blushes and looked out the window.
"Yes, I'm Niall from One Direction. Nice to meet you," he said, reaching forward to shake my mom's hand.
"Hi Niall. Welcome to Wellington. What brings you here?" my dad asked.
"Oh, I'm just here on vacation with my friends. My brother stayed with the Sullivans last summer and said Wellington was very nice," Niall replied.
"I remember Greg," my mom said. "He was very nice,"
"Yeah, and we even went swimming in their pool!" Nick shouted, even though Niall's ear was less than a foot away from his mouth. We drove for about 5 more minutes when we got back home.

"Thanks," Niall said when we got out. Then he patted his pockets and looked up with an alarmed expression. "Erm, uh, I think I lost the keys that Andrew gave me this morning," he said " Do yu know where they might keep a spare?" he asked. I laughed.
"Yeah, sure, follow me," I said, still chuckling. I walked across the street and started up the ginormous driveway. The Sullivan's where what you could call wealthy. Niall caught u to me and I stopped dead in my tracks. In the distance, I could see Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis playing two onto basketball on the court behind the separate garage. Niall took off and stole the ball from an unexpecting Louis.

"Niall! Not fair!" he whined.
"Hello," I said calmly.
"Boys, this is Alexis, I call her Lexi, and she lives across the street. She's my new assistant coach and she's our biggest fan. But you wouldn't know that because she has the self control of an old man. Which is why I had no clue she even knew who I was this morning when I met her," Niall introduced me. I punched him lightly.
"Hello, Lexi, nice to meet you," Liam said, giving me a hug. The others followed suit, leaving me in a daze.

"Well, considering we've been here for quite a while, and I really have to use the toilet, could we please go in?" Louis asked. Niall looked down.
"Yeah, about that, Niall seemed to have lost the keys, but don't worry, I know where they keep the spare," I said, leading them over to the garage that was connected to the house. I punched the code in and the door opened. Then I walked into the house.
"This is kind of the back hallway, and to the right is the laundry room, and this is the kitchen," I said, pointing to the kitchen and leading them all in there. "The dining room is right around the corner, and straight ahead is the sitting room, and the theater room is behind the fireplace," they looked around, impressed. "Then just past the dining room is the stairs," we all went up. "On the right is the exercise room, and then there's a bathroom ont he left, and in tho hallway there's 2 bedrooms on the left and 2 on the right," I said, leading them to a different hallway. "And that's it for upstairs." I said, going back downstairs. "Now past the sitting room is a hallway and has the computer room, the porch, and another bathroom. An the master bedrrom is at the end of the hall," I said, pointing. "Oh, and the spare key is on a hook in the cabinet next to the microwave," I added.

"This is quite the place," Zayn said.
"Yeah, it is," Louis agreed, coming back from the bathroom. All of a sudden we heard some one yell 'POOL!' and saw Harry running to the back windows. "DIVING BOARD!" he yelled again. He dashed to his bag that was on the couch and pulled out a pair of swimming trunks. Then he ran to the bathroom, changed, and ran out to the pool through the porch, and took a running dive into the deep end of the pool. "Lads come in!" we could hear him yell. Louos came running down in his trunks and loped out the door.

"Hey Lex, do you know if they have any floating beds or anything?" Louis yelled through the screen.
"Yeah, in the big bin in the corner next to the hottie and be hind some bushes!" I yelled back. He then pretended to be a spy, and jumped over tthe bushes. A few moments later he emerged with a giant floating raft. Then he threw it on top of Harry and jumped on top of it. Harry came back up, then flipped Louis over, who was laying down on it, and quickly swam away.

"Shall we go join them?" Liam asked. They all looked at me.
"Sure," I said. I was still warm from soccer, and it was pretty warm out too.
"I'll go get my suit," I said," I'll see you in a few," I said, going out the garage. I could faintly hear someone yell 'BATMAN!', then someone jumping off the board, followed by someone shrieking," LIIIIAAAMMM!" I giggled and walked across the street to get my stuff. This was gonna be fun.
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