Surprise at the Soccer Fields

Alexis is a soccer player who loves One Direction. Who is the new coach everyone is talking about? What happens when she becomes the new coach's assistant? Will there be romance?


12. Lunch and A Contest

Hey everyone! Happy belated Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

Lexi's POV
After the big tournament ended, much to Nick's disappointment, we all came back inside for some lunch.

"I'm starving!" Nick said aloud.

"That's why I made everyone sandwiches," Mom yelled from the kitchen. We all sauntered into the kitchen, me going slower than everyone. "Turkey on the right, and ham on the left," she said, setting the tray of sandwiches on the table.

"Thank you!" everyone chorused.

"You're welcome," she said. "Now who won the tournament?"

"Me, Louis and Niall," Nick said triumphantly.

"With an unfair advantage!" Harry cried. "You all play football."

"We don't play football, we play soccer," Nick said, appearing confused.

"Nick, where we're from, we call soccer football, but we'll just call it soccer from now on so we don't get confused," Louis said.

"Okay," Nick said, shrugging and taking a bite of sandwich.

"Well, that's good. Did you have a referee?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, but she was too busy inspecting the insides of her eyelids," Liam teased.

"Well it was hard to sleep with your team whining every two minutes," I shot back at him.

"Buuurn," Louis said. We all laughed like banchees. We're all so weird.

"Hey, guys, I forgot, I have to do some shopping for my sister, her car is getting repaired and she's sick," Mom said, grabbing her purse and keys. "Kids, don't choke, Lexi, you know where the fire extinguisher is, the emergency numbers are on the fridge, and try not to burn the house down," she added.

"Okey doke," I said

"Oh, and Lexi, don't try walking without crutches, and be careful, don't fall!" Mom said.

"Not on my watch," Niall said. Mom smiled.

"Thanks, Ni. Now you all have fun, I gotta go," she said, leaving. About a minute later we heard the car start and leave.

"Silent contest, ready, go," Louis suddenly said. We were all completely silent until Niall shot a bread crust at Harry, who was across from him. Nick clamped a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing. Then Harry kicked Niall in the shin.

"Ow! Harry you're such an as-" he stopped himself. "assemble of many things I would like to call you," he said slowly, but luckily Nick didn't realize what he was going to say. He started laughing out loud at Niall's expression. Louis pointed at Niall and Nick and made a 'You're out' motion.

"What!" Niall protested. Everyone nodded and smirked. A few minutes later it was getting boring, so I launched a piece of ham at Zayn. He yelled and he was out.

"C'mon, Ni, let's go booby trap Lexi's room," Zayn said, in an attempt to make me talk. I turned and put my heavy cast on Niall's lap so he couldn't get up. He rolled his eyes.

"Zayn, it appears that we can't do anything to Lexi, mostly because she would kill us. So why don't we go do something to the guys," Niall said, gently lifting my leg off him. He and Zayn jumped up and ran to the front door.

"I swear, if you even think about touching my socks-" Louis said.

"Ha, Lou's out!" Harry exclaimed .

"So are you!" Louis yelled at him.

"Now it's Liam and Lexi," Niall said in his announcer voice.

"Okay, well, that's obviously not happening, so let's turn this into a contest where you can't laugh or smile," Harry suggested.

"Can we talk?" Liam moved his lips to form words.

"Yeah, just no laughing or smiling," Harry said.

"Finally," I said. "You guys don't know how to shut up," I teased.

"Ya see what I live with?" Liam asked, Niall chuckled. Oh no, I wasn't falling for this. But the guys were set on making one of us laugh. Louis and Harry started dancing the Gangnam Style dance, which started everyone else doing it, making Liam almost smile.

"Oh, come on!" Zayn yelled, hitting Liam on the arm.

"You know what, lads? I think we have to go to our last resort. Tickling!" Niall yelled, charging at me.

"Come at me bro!" I yelled at him. He started tickling my arms and legs, but he didn't know that I was determined not to laugh whatsoever. Ha ha on him. The other guys, however, knew everything about each other, and therefore knew where they were ticklish. Harry, Zayn, and Louis had Liam rolling on the floor in about five seconds.

"I win!" I yelled.

"How are you not ticklish?" Niall asked me.

"Oh, I am, but I'm good at this sort of thing, like remember when we first met?" I asked him.

"Oh yeah, you didn't freak when you saw me," he said, smiling at me. "Wait, so the only reason you weren't laughing was because this was a competition?" he asked. I nodded. He smiled a devilish smile. Crap. He lunged at me, and tickled me like crazy. I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe.

"The leprechaun made his lady laugh!" he yelled triumphiantly.

"Geez, Ni, tone it down," Zayn said, gesturing to Nick who was almost snoring on the couch.

"That kid falls asleep at the most random times," I muttered.

"Should I take him to his bedroom?" Louis asked.

"Sure, that would be great," I said. "Down the hallway, second door on the left," I instructed him. Louis picked up Nick like a sack of potatoes and carried him to his room. A minute later he came back out.

"What should we do now?" Louis asked.

"I think the winner chooses," Zayn suggested.

"Monopoly!" I exclaimed.

"I'll get it," Niall volunteered.

"Okay, it's in my room, on top of my bookshelf," I told him.

"On it," he said, prancing down the hallway. We heard a crash, then Niall muttering some words.

"Classic Ni," Liam said. Then Niall came back in the room.

"Pardon that loud crash of Lexi's property, but I slipped on someone's pajamas," he said, holding up my One Direction pajama pants.

"Oh, God," I said, burying my face in my hands while they howled in laughter.
"Let's just play," I said, trying to change the subject.

"Okay, fine," Niall said. "Oh, I loved the poster of all of us too. That was when we filmed What Makes You Beautiful. Good times," he said. The guys started laughing yet again.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, the pillow of my face, a newspaper picture of us on the wall, and all of our books and concert DVD's on the bookshelf," he added, smiling. Meanwhile, the guys were absolutely dying.

"I have to see this!" Louis exclaimed, running to my room, followed be everyone else. Niall just picked me up and followed them. Harry was making out with my Niall pillow, Liam was looking at the books, Zayn was looking at my posters, and Louis was lookin around for anything else One Direction. He opened up my drawers to look for any other clothes.

"What the fudgesicle is this?!" he yelled, waving my 1D bra around. I buried my face in Niall's shoulder. Zayn literally fell on the floor laughing, Liam was laying face up on my bed laughing, and Harry was in the process of taking it from Louis and putting it on.

"Harry!" I whined.

"Well, I've gotta try it!" he defended himself.

"It's not even mine!" I said.

"Looks like it," he muttered.

"Dude!" Niall and I yelled at the same time. Ugh, I was so embarrassed.

"Its okay, Lexi. We all know that Louis and Harry have this stuff of each other in their rooms at home," Zayn comforted me. We all laughed. Niall kissed my hair, but I moved my head so we were kissing lips. I loved this guy.

"How about some Monopoly?" Liam suggested.

"Let's go!" Louis yelled, and everyone ran out. These boys aren't going to know what hit them when we play MY game. Oh yes.
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