Surprise at the Soccer Fields

Alexis is a soccer player who loves One Direction. Who is the new coach everyone is talking about? What happens when she becomes the new coach's assistant? Will there be romance?


7. Hospital

Louis POV

Niall had just gone to get something to drink. We were all watching Lexi as she did a fantastic bicycle kick. Everyone's eyes darted to the goal to see of it went in. It did! Hen we looked back at Lexi. She was laying on the field, unmoving, but holding onto her leg like it was her job. Then she started crying. That was it. My first instinct was to run right onto the field and comfort her. I guess the lads had the same idea since we all raced onto the field and surrounded Lexi. I knelt down next to her and looked at her leg. She came out of whatever trance she was in and scanned all of our faces. "Niall," she mumbled. Harry jumped up and scanned the crowd for Niall. But he didn't have to go get him. Niall spotted us, and probably figured something was wrong. Harry waved his arms in a distress signal, and Niall broke out into a run towards us. He slowed down slightly to set the drinks down, but then came full speed ahead at us on the field. "Lexi," he said, his voice saddened.
"Niall, my leg," she moaned. Liam looked at her leg. "Broken," he muttered. Niall and I carefully picked up Lexi and carried her back to the bench on her team's side of the field. The coach quickly looked at it.
"Definately broken," he told us. "Are any of you related to her or something?" he asked.
"No, we're just her friends," Zayn told him.
"Okay, well, I'd you can, try to call her parents while I get some ice," the coach told us.
"Lexi, where's your phone?" Niall asked.
"Soccer bag, back pocket," she said. He crawled under the bench to get her bag. Then he pulled out her iPhone, and began scrolling through her contacts. He found the right one and put the phone up to his ear.
"Hello? Mrs Cooper? No, this is her friend Niall. My friends and I are here at he soccer game and she just broker her leg," he informed her mother, probably. "Yes, okay... Okay, see you soon.. Yep, bye," he hung up.
"Lexi, your mom said that they just got home, and that they'll be here soon." Niall told her.
"Okay, thanks Ni," she sighed. By then the coach came back with the ice and some paper towel.
"Here you go, Lex. Just set it on there gently, alright? Just hang in there, I gotta go coach, bye," the coach said.
"Thanks coach, see you later," Lexi said to him. We watched the rest of the game until Lexi's parents came. When they did come, Niall asked if he could come to the hospital too. They said yes. So the rest of us guys were told to drive home in Lexi's car, and if we could take Jake with us. I wanted to sign the cast first.

Niall POV

I hated seeing anyone in this much pain. Especially Lexi. When I saw all of the guys around her from the concessions, I didn't know what to think. Liam told me that she had a bad land after she did an awesome bicycle kick, which I would have loved to see. By now we were in the car and i had helped lexi into her parent's car and was sitting next to her in the backseat. The lads had taken Nick and gone home in Lexi's car. We soon arrived to the hospital and I helped Lexi out of the car. I half carried her as we followed her parents into the hospital. I sat her down next to her father, Michael, while her mother, Shelly, went to go sign her in. Soon she came back towards us, and she had an ice pack from a nurse in her hand.
"Here, Lexi, this should help a little bit," her mother said, setting the pack on her le. She winced, and lightly held the pack on her ankle. I could see her distress, so I gently pulled her legs on my lap so she was sprawled out on two chairs, and held the pack on her leg for her. She relaxed. We all talked for a little bit until a nurse came out and called Lexi's name. She staggered into a standing position, and then eyed me, realizing that she couldn't really walk. I stood up and supported her.
"Is it okay if Niall comes back with me?" Lexi asked. All of the adults nodded. Then we followed the nurse down the hall to a room. I set her down on the table, and I sat in an uncomfortable chair across from it. Then the nurse examined Lexi's ankle.
"So, what happened?" The nurse asked.
"Well, I was just at my soccer game, and I was doing a bicycle kick, and I completely landed wrong," she explained.
"Okay. Well, we're just going to take you back and get you'd old xrays done on your leg, okay?" the nurse said. Lexi nodded. They nurse left the room for a moment and returned with a wheelchair. Lexi eased herself into it, and the nurse rolled her out.

Lexi's POV
The nurse wheeled me down to the x-ray area. The only thing I could focus on was how bad my ankle was hurting. The entire thing just kept replaying in my head. Me being cocky, deciding to do a dangerous move, actually doing the kick, landing, and just looking for Niall's blue eyes when I didn't immediately see them. Wait a second, I wasn't looking for Niall, was I? Then I realized that I was starting to fall for my idol. I wonder if he likes me too. I hope he does. Then my thoughts were interrupted when the nurse helped me ou of the wheelchair and onto the table. She told me to lay down, and I did as told. Then she went to another room next to this one and did the x-rays. She was looking at her computer for a bit, then disappeared, probably develping the x-ray or something. She came back, and said that she sent the X-ray to the doctor, and he would tell me in a little bit. She wheeled me back to Niall, and then left. It was just the two of us.

"So was it fun?" Niall asked. He was funny.
"I guess I could say so. What were you doing when I was gone?" I asked.
"Just texting Lou. He said that he found what was in the basement, a freaking game room with actual arcade games!" Niall exclaimed.
I laughed. "Oops, I must have forgotten that on the tour," I said, smiling.
"That's okay. Oh, and Louis said that you should get a neon yellow cast, and that he wants to sign it first," he informed me.
"Okay, that's what I was thinking anyways," I said, giggling. I began to get bored.
"Hey, do you want to play 20 Questions?" Niall asked suddenly.
"Sure. You can go first," I said.
"Alrighty," he thought for a moment. "Do you like bananas?"
"Yes, I very much do," I said, laughing. "Umm, let me think..." I thought about what to ask. "Will you be the second person to sign my cast?" I asked.
"Absolutely," he said, smiling his perfect big smile, even though he had braces. He thought of another question. "Will you be my girlfriend?"
I was dumbfounded. I fumbled for words. "Y-yes, absolutely, Niall. I would love to be your girlfriend," I said, unbelievably happy.
"You're amazing," Niall said, pulling the wheelchair closer to him. Just then the doctor walked in. Dang it.
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