Surprise at the Soccer Fields

Alexis is a soccer player who loves One Direction. Who is the new coach everyone is talking about? What happens when she becomes the new coach's assistant? Will there be romance?


10. Hiking and Games

Okay, so who else has constantly been listening to Take Me Home? My favorite songs are Still The One, Last First Kiss, and Little Things! I love them all though! Okay, bye, enjoy!

Niall's POV

After Lexi had told me that she was happy that she got her two new things, she completely fell asleep. I don't blame her. I kissed her forehead and slipped out of the room.

"I'll be going now," I said to Lexi's parents, who were in the living room.
"Okay, and thank you, Niall. You were a big help today," Lexi's mother said to me.
"You're welcome. She's really amazing," I said.
"Thank you, Niall. She's very special to us too," her dad said, giving me a man hug. I could tell we were going to be friends.
"Anytime," I said. "Well, I better be going before my friends burn down the house," I said. "Oh, and I'll have someone bring Nick over too," I added.
"Thanks, Niall. Have a good rest of your day," Lexi's mom said. I opened the front door and jogged across the street. I couldn't do this in London without being mobbed by fans. It was nice for a change.

I waltzed in through the garage door. Through the back windows I could see the guys playin Frisbee with Nick. Nick looked like he was having the time of his life. I ran oh the back door and caught the Frisbee just inches from Harry's unsuspecting hand.

"Niall!" he yelled.
"How's Lexi?" everyone asked at the same time. Nick was almost jumping on me, he was so eager to know the answer.
"She's fine, just a hairline fracture. She got the yellow cast, Lou," I said, laughing. He smiled happily.
"Can we see her?" Zayn asked.
"No, not right now, and anyways, Nick has to go home too," I said. Nick's face fell.
"But I was having so much fun," be said, looking at all the guys.
"Hey, listen, Nick, I bet tomorrow we can all play again, but right now you have to go home with your parents," Liam said, trying to convince Nick.
"Okay," he finally said. Then he smiled, with two teeth missing.
"I can take him home," Louis volunteered. He took Nick's hand and led him around the house.

"So how are you, Ni?" Harry asked.
"Well, pretty good, but my girlfriend broke her leg, so you know," I said, slipping in the girlfriend part.
"Sorry to hear that, lad," Liam said. Then he did a double take at me. "Girlfriend?!" he asked incredulously.
"Yeah buddy!" I yelled, punching the air.
"He did it!" Zayn yelled, giving me a slap on the back. The other guys congratulated me. I was ecstatic.
"Are her parents cool with it?" Harry asked.
"YES!" I yelled. "They're awesome! They totally love me, too!" I said proudly.
"Well, how can they not, I mean, you're Niall," Liam said sarcastically.
"You know it! Now I need some food. I was at the hospital with Lexi for ever!" I said, running I the back door. The guys were right on my tail. I ran to the fridge, pulling out something that looked like food. Next I yanked some frozen chicken nuggets from the freezer and dumped them on a plate. I stuck them in the microwave and waited patiently, eating the food I had found in the fridge. Cheese cubes. Yummy. The microwave beeped, and I grabbed the plate.

"OW!" I yelled as I bit into a scalding nugget. The guys, who were watching me the entire time, burst out laughing.
Just then the door opened.

"What'd I miss?" Louis asked.
"Nialler got a girlfriend named Lexi," Harry said. Louis' eyes widened.
"I told you I would do it!" he said, giving me a hug.
"You didn't do anything, Lou," Zayn pointed out.
"Well I guess that's true," Louis said, appearing to be deep in thought. Then he took a piece of chicken from my plate and took a bite. His eyes opened in alarm.

"Mother of trolleys!" he yelled, spitting out the chicken into his hand, which he threw in the garbage. They boys, including me, laughed again.
"That's the exact same look Nialler just had a few seconds when you came in!" Zayn exclaimed, bending over in laughter. I chucked a hot chicken nugget at him, after which I got a high-five from Louis. But instead Zayn caught it and ate it, the bugger.

"Okay, so what should we do? It's only 1 in the afternoon," Liam said.
"Let's go sightseeing!" Harry suggested.
"Hazza, this is an extremely small city. There's really nothing to see," I said.
"How about a walk?" Zayn suggested. All of a sudden I remembered a great trail that Greg had described when he was here. I told the guys. They all liked the sound of it, so off we went.

Liam's POV
It was decided that we were going on a walk, since we had no other ideas and Lexi was resting. I was so glad that she was Nialler's princess. She was really funny, just like him. They were really perfect for each other. And from what I saw from last night and her pizza, she loved food just as much as Niall. As I watched him, he shoved three chicken nuggets in his mouth as the guys all came down.

"Let's go!" Louis whined. Niall tossed the plate in the sink and followed the rest of us outside. Then he lead the way to a trail between this house and the house next to it. After about five minutes of hiking, we came to a pond with a tiny waterfall. It was beautiful. There were birds flying above us, and there were little bugs flying around. The temperature was perfect. We just stayed there and marveled at its beauty until we heard a rumble of thunder in the distance. I loved rain, but I don't think the guys would be up for trudging back to the house in the middle of a storm. That would have been a sight to see, us One Direction guys running through a forest in the middle of a thunderstorm. When it started to sprinkle, we full out ran back towards the house. I decided to get comfy and put on some sweatpants. When I came down, the boys ran upstairs, probably to use my idea of comfort. I dozed on the couch while I waited for everyone to come down. I was rudely awaken from my almost-sleep trance by a flying pillow hitting my face, thrown by the one and only, Louis Tomlinson.

"Tommo!" I yelled at him.

"But Li, you looked so peaceful, I had to ruin it," he said, giving me his puppy dog eyes. Whatever.

"Let's go check out the basement!" Niall suggested. We raced downstairs. To the right was a theater like the one upstairs, but this one had a freakishly huge TV, and every game any gamer could imagine. There were also many gaming systems, and countless controllers. In the middle of the room was a big leather couch that looked like it could win an award for its comfiness. Then if we went back to the stairs, there would be a room to the left, which was like an arcade. There was a pool table in the middle of it, which also turned into a ping-pong table, and there were many old arcade games that were obviously either bought new or fixed and cleaned up by a professional. The walls were dark green, bright yellow, and dark purple, and it brought a cool vibe to the room. We all scattered, and I had a feeling we would be down here for a while. Niall and Louis ran to the theater, while Zayn, Harry and I played pool.

Pretty soon we were gettin hungry, so I went upstairs to heat up some frozen pizzas. The windows on the back wall displayed the beautiful landscape completely drenched with rain. I found a bottle of soda and grabbed five plastic cups and took it downstairs while the pizzas heated up. Then we played two MarioKart races before I went back up to get the pizzas. Niall ate an entire half by himself, the pig. Soon the pizzas were gone, and we played games and had fun the rest of the day. We rarely got to spend an entire day like this just devoted to spending time with each other when we were on tour or when we had a busy recording schedule. I loved these days.


Hope you liked it! I apologize for not updating very often, and it's not fair to you guys. I will really try my best to update as often as I can! Thanks!

PS. Is it just me or is almost every song on Take Me Home constantly stuck in my head? :)
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