The One in the Background

When Emma and her best friend Nikki go to a One Direction signing they don't expect to ever see them again let alone have one of them as a boyfriend. Will Emma's new found love tear her and Nikki apart or will they really be best friends forever? Is Nikki the only one dying of jealousy or is there someone else that has their eye on someone they can't have?


1. Ready to go

Emma's POV: "Emma! Nikki get your butts up right this minute!" "ugh mom just 5 more minutes!" "fine but that's most likely 5 more girls in front of you!" Excitement suddenly overwhelmed me. Today was the day of the One Direction signing. I looked over at the clock it was 5:30 am o god it's so early! But the signing was in 7 hours and those lines where gonna be crazy. I got up and started waking up Nikki. "Nikki get up we need to get ready." "ugh I don't wanna" she said sleepily. "well I guess you also don't want to meet One Direction but that's ok I'll just go by myself..." she sprang up so fast she almost knocked me to the floor. "Im up! I'm up!" "ok let's try to get ready in like 10 minutes so we can get there by 6." "ooooook" she yawned out. I started to get dressed and put on my favorite jean shorts and the best 1D shirt I had. I wore my sparkly converse to add a little bling. I put on light mascara on my pale face and added some blush with light pink lip gloss. I like to think of my style more natural and casual. Then I look over to see Nikki's outfit lets just say casual and natural is not her thing. She had a really tight red tank top and way to low might I add and shorts that could litterally pass as underwear. She had heals on that were so high she almost reached the ceiling. She well...she looked like a Ho. I mean she's my best friend and all but really is that necessary? She had her shiny blonde hair curled and her blue eyes covered in black makeup. I'm surprised she could even see to be honest. "aren't your feet gonna hurt in those shoes were gonna be standing in line for hours." "Um hello we're going to go see One Direction I have to look hot." "ok if you say so." she obviously doesn't know much about One Direction because they usually don't like girls like that. But I didn't have time to tell her since we really needed to leave. We both walked out into the warm Miami air and walked to my car and we were off to go see the 5 boys that completely stole my heart. 
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