The One in the Background

When Emma and her best friend Nikki go to a One Direction signing they don't expect to ever see them again let alone have one of them as a boyfriend. Will Emma's new found love tear her and Nikki apart or will they really be best friends forever? Is Nikki the only one dying of jealousy or is there someone else that has their eye on someone they can't have?


2. Must be patient.

Part 2 Emma's POV: We arrived at the signing and the line literally wrapped around the building. Twice. I mean really people its 6am don't you ever sleep!? We were in line for 6 hours and still have barely moved an inch. "Oh my gawd my feet are killing me!" Nikki complained. I looked at her like she had two heads. "I told you that your feet would hurt. So just take them off where not really moving anyway." "Ewwww are you serious? I could get an STD from this sidewalk!" WTF Did she just say? "umm yeah I guess that could happen if your feet want to have sex with the sidewalk ." I chuckled. "Hahaha very funny!" " I thought so to!" there were two people in front of us that kept looking at us and whispering so I decided to confront them. "Um excuse me but do u mind telling me what your looking at?" "Oh just your friend here." they said pointing to Nikki. "uh ok and why is that?"  "because she looks like a whore." OH NO SHE DIDNT! "You dumb bitch! You don't even know her! She just wants to look nice for the boys! Unlike you in that ugly ass shirt!" i smacked her so hard it left a mark and she and her friend walked away. Nikki looked at me and gave me a huge hug. "Emma I dont think Ive ever seen you act that way!" "yeah well NO ONE calls my best friend a whore." 2 hours later After many stares and some glances from people we finally made it inside. There were still tons of screaming girls in front of us but I didn't care. I was just so excited to see the 5 boys that I adore more than anything in the world.
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