My Heart Skips a Beat

Isabelle is a normal girl until she meets zayn Malik and they become close... Very close... Then something happens that will change her life forever. Want to know more?? Read to find out!


2. Butterflies...

Isabel's P.O.V.

i just couldnt stop thinking of him.... i dont know what it was, he just seemed so mysterious. i needed to find out more about him, and i wasnt going to sleep until i did.

Zayns P.O.V.i woke up with the slap of a ruler. "Huh?" i thought. "mr. Malik! shouted my english teacher, "what do you think you are doing?!" everyone was laughing. "im sorry" i said "crap" i thought " i said i wasnt going to fall asleep in class anymore!" " You will stay after school for a detention!" she shouted once more. "great'..." i said. "backtalk?!" she said " im one step away from giving you saturday school young sir!"

* 2 hours later * 

"finally out of that stupid classroom!" i thought to myself. now to go home! i missed the bus, so i was going to have to walk two miles home..." what a perfect day!" i said aloud sarcastically. i looked at my ohone and saw that i had 4 missed calls from my mom, and 2 from my dad. i called my mom back *rin ring ring* Hello"?! where r you Zayn?! she shouted " about that..." i said " dont tell me you got another detention!" she yelled "im sorry!" i said " ill be ther to pick you up dont move a muscle!" She arrived speeding down the school zone... "get in!" sahe shouted, i opened the front door only to find isabella sitting in the front... "What the-"


Let me know what you think! thanks for reading :) O.O

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