A Theory From A Detective Child

A child with multiple personality disorder, a child with a mind set to find murderers
Tranda (orginal and over active child)
Yami (Terrible in situations)
Unai (For forgetful)
Lutai (Peace bringer)
Aliai (reasonable and calm)
Hachinai (clumsy)
Harped (the only /known/ girl in his personality's, a polite character: made from his younger sister longing for an older sister)
Zachi (unknown)


5. Reasonable And Calm

A cold table dropped from my fingers.
“I’m fine”
A young girl said staring up at me.
“I’m terribly sorry, do I know you?”
“Uh, yea. You don’t remember like two seconds ago you just saved my leg from getting crushed, or how three minutes ago we just met?”
“Nope, I’m sorry... I don’t remember, maybe we could sort this out, tell me what you told me and I’ll tell you what you need to know about me”
I smiled in her direction, she seemed like a nice girl.

“Well, I’m Halo, my favourite colour is iron, I am an adopted child originally from Africa, and lastly, you’re getting the electric chair because you don’t know what happened”
She answered speaking fast
“I am Aliai, my favourite colour is purple, I’m not adopted and originally come from eastern California, I don’t know why I’m getting the electric chair, could you please explain?”
I said with a slow and polite voice.
“You have to tell me first...how did you do it?”
She leaned forward so that we were nose and nose, forehead to forehead, breathing in each other’s breath.
“Tell. Me”
she said and smirked
“I’m sorry I don’t know what you mean”
I said afterwards.
“You, you lifted that table, look at it”
She said pointing behind me, I turned around to see a steel table toppled over behind me.
“I didn’t lift that it’s freaking huge!”
I said in disbelief.

“Yes. Yes. You did”
she smiled. I stared at it for longer
“Me? Lift that?”
asked again before continuing.
“Now, now I’ve read the Harry Potter books, and I can safely I believe in magic and shit, but now THAT is not what I would like by magic”
I said inspecting the toppled table, the sides were melted together with a strong weld it seemed, the leg that had been unstable had only been melted at the sides. Meaning it got melted when it came here rather than when it was made, when it was made I would have thought the welding would be more carefully done.
“So on another note, did you fix this table by yourself the in the first place?”
I bent over to inspect the sides, I touched the melted area.
I emitted a small scream and looked at my scolded finger, the metal was still hot...
“Yes, I put the table back together”
“This has been melted on with a blow-torch, yes? On yet another note, how did you get one of those, Halo?”
Her face turned scarlet red. Anger, embarrassment, guilt?
“Are you ok? Your face is red”
I pointed out in an attempt to edge her into telling me.

“Look, buster, I’m telling no one my secrets and if you dare try get them out of me, you better hide yourself because that pretty face of your might end up burned if you don’t stay away!”
She lashed at me with her left fist, I stood back on step and easily missed. She grabbed the edge of the steel chair leg, it seemed too heavy for her but still something she wasn’t fazed by. I remembered the sharp burn I got from holding the edge, she wasn’t affected at all, was she used to it or was she holding in sharp screams?
“Try get your wingardium leviosar to work now, bitch!”
she screamed attacking me
“its wingardium leviosa not wingardium leviosar!”
I screamed back at her dodging her attacks swiftly, as if I knew what to do a second before she did it, like seeing into the future, like I had a time-turner that put me a second infront of everyone else or I telepathy, something like that.
 “Hey, I’ve read the Harry Potter books and I’m pretty sure it’s leviosar not leviosa!”
she screamed back at me, why was no one coming to sort this out yet, she was swinging a metal pole at me and fighting about who had the better Harry Potter logic! I mean, I have dodge the pole but messing with Harry Potter’s common facts?! That’s just not cool!
“You want to bet on that?”
I said quickly hopping in to the air dodging the pole hitting me on a lower part.
she screamed, as if this was all normal, as if she got into these fights a lot, like it was average
 one screamed another screamed differently soon it had broken out into small piles of different fights, all about Harry Potter! He would not be proud!
I dodged again, and again, and again.
“Why are you even fighting me?!”
I asked shouting at her. She dropped the table leg onto the floor, just missing her big toe.
“So you mean that you weren’t trying to figure out my secrets after all?”
she said in confusion.
“No, why would I?!”
I asked back.
“Oh, shit sorry du-“
She didn’t get to finish her sentence before I went blanking out.

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