A Theory From A Detective Child

A child with multiple personality disorder, a child with a mind set to find murderers
Tranda (orginal and over active child)
Yami (Terrible in situations)
Unai (For forgetful)
Lutai (Peace bringer)
Aliai (reasonable and calm)
Hachinai (clumsy)
Harped (the only /known/ girl in his personality's, a polite character: made from his younger sister longing for an older sister)
Zachi (unknown)


4. Peace Bringer?


“You’re in jail... introduce this one to the court-yard first
a woman said followed by some coughs... why was I in jail? I was just asleep a now... I’m in jail...I was standing when I woke up, how? What?
“Ok then, Unai some with us”
I thought for a while...where is Unai from? Is he from a book I’ve read? I wondered with a face gone red off of thinking too hard.
“Where is Unai from Mr?”
I asked and stood up straight
“You- your Unai, aren’t you?”
The man said and straightened his back as well
“No, Mr you must be off your nut, I’m Lutai...wait. Please tell me why I woke up in the middle of standing and in a jail, I must admit, I have a weird life. But not this weird!”
I said with a slight chuckle, trying to balance things out
“No wait, you don’t need to tell me twice. Am I here for a tour provided by my primary school... I mean that would explain why I’m here but not why I woke up here...ummm. Was it a surprise? Are you really my drama and maths teachers?”

They both looked confused, why?
“Uhh. Suuuuurrrreeee...Erm, follow us.”
One of the men said, his expression was neutral, as if this was all serious, but I knew that they were joking, were they?

The two men grabbed my arms and hauled me over to the end of a large dimly lit hall, busted lights throwing glass onto the slightly blood stained floor. The man open two metal doors as if acting like it was all real he said
“ok, kid your playing in here for now”
it walked in, still wearing the truck printed pyjamas
“Hey newbie, so what you in here for ,man?”
A voice covered my ears from behind me.
“Errr- why are you here?”
I said back
“Hitting a guy’s car with rocks”
The girl said with smile and swung her legs while lying down on a discarded table that she was some-how able to fix.
“I’m here for a surprise or something...”
“Oh dude, do you know what surprise means?!”
She scrambled to sit on the table.
“Two words, Electric. Chair.”
“Well, that’s not a very nice surprise at all!”
I said yelling.
“And secondly, you just ruined the surprise THANKS!”
“what? I’m just telling you what’s going to happen to that mush of a brain of yours”
She chuckled back in laughter.
“Oh and by the way, I saw you coming in through the police car, remember? “Have you ever tried standing on your arms at the same time as drinking coke? I have, I think! It’s very fun and sore and stuff, wait, YOUR WEARING NAVY BLUE! THAT’S THE COLOUR...is it?””
She fell over the table laughing now, a leg creaked of the metal table and it tipped slightly to the side, leaving it at a side.

“Thanks, for helping me, ass hole!”
She smiled, she seemed to have so much disappointment that even a person talking to her made her smile and giggle
“Anyway, what’s your name?”
I asked, I wanted to make conversation.
“My name? Halo, yea, yea I don’t live up to my name, I get that one all the time”
She looked at me still, her eyes widened...and the table creaked.
she screamed and closed her eyes tightly.
The table made the sound of smashing metal and began to quickly topple. Surprisingly no scream afterwards. She couldn’t be dead, could she? Oh god if she is...
I opened my eyes and watched the shivering, cowering Halo on the ground.
“U-uhh-uhh. T-T-T-Thanks...”
She shivered in fear...
“Thanks? What do you mean?”
I stared at my hand, grabbing the end of the metal table...how?
“How are you that strong?”
She said, confused then scrambled out of the way in case I let go...
“Are you ok?”
I asked with a smile.

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