A Theory From A Detective Child

A child with multiple personality disorder, a child with a mind set to find murderers
Tranda (orginal and over active child)
Yami (Terrible in situations)
Unai (For forgetful)
Lutai (Peace bringer)
Aliai (reasonable and calm)
Hachinai (clumsy)
Harped (the only /known/ girl in his personality's, a polite character: made from his younger sister longing for an older sister)
Zachi (unknown)


1. Over Active


 “Heh, I grow tired of such childish acts, the childish comments...”
 I said, I felt my eyes turning, a terrible inside
“well you know I won’t let you stare anymore”
 white liquid dripped down my eyes... I couldn’t see anymore
“are you ok, man?”
 I heard a voice from outside.
 I cupped my hands over my eyes.
“Don’t let them melt!”
 I said in pain
“Dude, dude, DUDE, it’s just a dream, man”
 the figure over my bed, my brother, Harith. The parents we had thought we needed to stand out, different names make different personalities, right?...so much for that.

I know about it, I’ve known for a long time, it takes me apart inside. Multiple personality disorder, or M.P.D I think once it kicked in, I was referring to myself as a girl named Harped and I put on a girly voice...it was embarrassing the next day, ‘HEY TRANDA, YOU A TRANY OR SOMETHING, MATE?!’ or others ‘Tranda the transvestite!’ was one that was more popular. I have seven different personalities; some were just phases, a few minutes to a few days. Some people say I play the parts a bit too well... would it be ironic if I said I was head of the drama department? I must say, I make an awesome detective.

“My eyes!”
I cried to my brother
I said, I spluttered into tears.
“They melt, bro!”
“It was a dream, get a hold of yourself, man!”
my brother said he shook me as he did, he knew what to do when I was at this over active stage.
“Don’t shake me that huuuurrrrrrrrttttttttttsssssss!”
I said being pushed around like a common doll.

My sister screamed through my door, my sister knew she was adopted, there was no question. She was adopted at six-years and 3-months. She originally came from Japan, which was no question either; her face was considerably different to everyone else in London, her name is Toshino, which was her original name. My older brother was adopted too, he doesn’t know though... it would break him if he knew, so we don’t tell him.

I ran down stairs in-tears
 I shouted downstairs
Harith shouted, his voice cracked during, he was serious this time, but I continued to run down stairs.
 I shouted desperately

I shot back in shock,
"mother-mothers... uhh, uhh"
I split into tears.

This is your mothers head
so your thinking...what did I do? How could I have stopped this...you couldn’t have. This is a message from a person you love, this person will not be found and this person loves you dearly, he doesn’t regret it at all, he wants you to know that
From the person you don’t love.

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