A Theory From A Detective Child

A child with multiple personality disorder, a child with a mind set to find murderers
Tranda (orginal and over active child)
Yami (Terrible in situations)
Unai (For forgetful)
Lutai (Peace bringer)
Aliai (reasonable and calm)
Hachinai (clumsy)
Harped (the only /known/ girl in his personality's, a polite character: made from his younger sister longing for an older sister)
Zachi (unknown)


3. Forgetful

At that moment Unai came to play, after all, Yami is just a phase, but Unai...the longest I had him was eight whole weeks, shortest was half a day.

The navy blue police men kept a-hold of my shoulder
“wait...where am I?”

I asked, confused...I had forgotten. I heard the police man whisper to the other
“what’s that kids name again?”
I heard the other answer
“Yumi or Uami or something like that”
“who, and the how now? Where am I?”
I asked again, waiting for an answer
“Well errr- let’s go with Yamai, youre in-“
The police man wasn’t able to finish his sentence before I bumped in
“Who is Yamai? I’m...oh wait...who am I?...no, no...uhhh...errr. It begins with a U, uhhhh, U, U, errrr,”
I paused to think
I said cheerfully.
“Well then... Unai... you’re in a police car because you killed yo-“
The other police man cut him off and made and hand gesture I couldn’t remember what it meant though, it was like ummm the thing with the finger that you put across your neck and it means something bad...or was it something good? I can’t remember.

“Anyway, you’re going to be temporarily in jail until you’re proved that your were not the culprit...”
Another police man said, he was sitting in the passenger seat.
“But I think I don’t know but like isn’t a kid my age not meant to go to jail or something like that, I don’t really remember... I’m a bit forgetful at times”
I said, I think that is how it goes anyway.
“Every child over ten must go to jail if they have committed a crime”
the police man in the passenger seat said.
“But I’m...what was it now... my age is... age, age, age... I’m err... it’s not 16... but it’s not like 12 or something... I’m uhh, uhh, oh god.... I don’t remem- NO WAIT- I’m uhh... no... I’m, uhh. Unai!”
I said with a smile, then I realised what I had just said.
“No, no, no, no, no, no, no.... I’m what’s the fucking number... it is...uhh. No, YES, it is...oh... 15! I think, wait no, it’s 15! Yea that’s right, right? Wait, I just said 15 twice...which would make me 30?! I’m not 30! I’m 15...I think...”
I was confused... so that’s what I did, on the entire way to the public jail...wonder what my age was. Just to let you know, it was 15 or was it 14? Eh, I’ll never know.

When I arrived at the prison, it was evening...I think. I had like two police officers ‘escort’ me to the front door.
“Empty your pockets”
a woman with a crackly voice said, smoking a cigarette and putting a large cloud of it in my direction.
“I don’t think I have anything in my pockets, I mean... these are pyjamas. At least I think.that’s what they are called”
I said with my voice aching for tears and sadness, none of them came.
“Yea, yea. empty ‘em”
She said, she looked as if this had happened millions of times before...wait is millions the one with 5 or 6 zeros?

Anyway, I turned my pyjama pockets inside-out and only found a piece of paper it had written on it: TO UNAI, REMEMBER TO REMEMBER YOUR NAME- TRANDA:
“Who is Tranda?”
I whispered in disgust
“just give the me paper, kid”
the girl said with a few added coughs
“what paper? No what...what? What paper...did I have any pape- OH WAIT, no, here you go”
I slid the paper to her across the table...
“Is that all, kid?”
The crackly voice came again... after a few coughs.

“Head off then...”
“Wha, wha whoaaaaaa, wait where? What...where am I?”

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