A Theory From A Detective Child

A child with multiple personality disorder, a child with a mind set to find murderers
Tranda (orginal and over active child)
Yami (Terrible in situations)
Unai (For forgetful)
Lutai (Peace bringer)
Aliai (reasonable and calm)
Hachinai (clumsy)
Harped (the only /known/ girl in his personality's, a polite character: made from his younger sister longing for an older sister)
Zachi (unknown)


6. Clumsy


A girl said, finishing an incomplete sentence. My head felt dizzy, the girl looked confused.
“Oh, gosh not again...hello, are you still Aliai?”
The girl asked
I said with confusion
“Damnit, I lost him, ok, I’m Halo, and you’re getting the electric chair. Oh and, it’s wingardium leviosar, got it?”
I didn’t pick up all she said, you know waking up in a random place with a girl has never really been by thing.
“Ok, got it.”
I said and noticed a metal bar, welded at the top and almost crushed in a few places along with two burned black hand prints attached to the upper left side of the metal table leg. The metal was caving in where the hand prints were, it was melted so hot that the metal was droopy. I put out my finger in daring to touch the metal, it was clearly seen that it was freshly burned.
“You don’t want to do that”
Halo said and reached for my hand to put it back but resisted from doing so. Why was that?
Halo pulled up her long sleeves.
“A-are those burn marks?”
I asked staring at the dead skin, coming off in flakes and the large red patches along her left and right arm.
“Umm no, no their nothing big anyway, I mean, like, umm like yea...”
She said confused.
“By the way, Halo”
I said with a smirk
“What is it? Mr ‘changing my name every five seconds’”
She laughed at me
“First off, it’s Hachinai and second off, you don’t live up to your name, do you?”
I said standing up and just for some god forsaken reason I began to pace.
“No... I don’t live up to my name, genius, you’re the most original guy I’ve ever seen, making jokes about my name”
She said with a vanished smile that you would only have within disappointment or extreme sadness. I thought about it in my mind, thinking of a deep cool voice ‘EXTREME SADNESS, OUT NOW!’ like an advert and laughed on the outside.
“Hey, h-hey Haaalllooo”
I said and almost bent over in laughter at my joke
“What is it?”
“Are you suffering from being EXTREMELY sad?”
I said in a deep voice before jolting out into laughter.

She laughed with a smile appearing on her face, smiles comfort me often so I smiled back. Her smiled faded and her eyes enlarged.
“What...have you just done?”
“What do you mean?”
I looked down and saw my feet half way in to a metal table with a lost leg, I left track mark of where I was standing, small imprints into the ground of my slippers and a trail of where my legs were into the metal table, I was basically cutting a table in half with my legs.
“Oh ohhh ohhohohhoooho...Bad, bad, very, very BAD oh no, oh ho, ho, ho!”
“You’re panicking so much that you’re Santa, correct?”
“No...Your acting like this is the normal chizz WHY?!”
I asked and lifted up my leg and tried to walk out of the table. I began to lift my leg higher.
“Oh cheese”
I said and began to fall though the table
“Crap cakes”
I said with the back of my head now imprinted into the floor.
“Well, this has escalated quickly hasn’t it?”
Halo said and laughed. My eyes widened themselves and a voice came into my head
“Hi you’re Hachinai, right? Or did I miss you? Look you need to listen before you change you need to remember this...it wasn’t you I know it wasn’t you need to trust me on this!”
“And just who is this?”
I said, Halo looked at me confused
“Have I lost you again?”
“I’m Toshino, who is that? It sounds like a girl...suki?”
“Her name is Halo, and I don’t love her, Toshino!”
Halo continued to be confused, she stepped away slightly
“Are you mentally disabled, Hachinai?”
Halo asked stepping another step back
“Good because dia suki onnii-kun and only me, got it?”
Toshino’s voice was followed by laughter.
“I know you love me, onnii-chan, see, told you I know Japanese, just a little bit though”
“sugoi, I’m impressed”
“Damn right you are”
I said and smiled, Halo at this moment was freaked to hell, stepping further and further back with an extremely confused expression
“let me guess, EXREME CONFUSION!”
“Woah, you can read my mind too? Wait come to think of it HOW CAN YOU EVEN TALK TO ME THOUGH MIND?! I’m freaked out now, thanks, onnii-chan”
“Your welcome, onnii-kun”
“Love you, just hope I get to see you soon”
“Oh, me and onnii-sempai are coming soon anyway”
“Awesome, see you soon”
I thought to myself, ‘hey, it’s like having a call without the phone! That’s awesome!’

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