Finally Found My Princess

Hi I'm Kaleyn, I just figured out that I was lied to by my parents. Well you see, I was adopted. I just found out when Harry Styles read my Birth certificate. I used to be Kaleyn Smith (A/n Not real name.) but now I will soon be Kaleyn Styles. Yes my actual parents are adopting me. I'm still pissed at my parents. Anyways read to find out.


3. What if she doesn't like me?-3

(Gemma's Pov)

When I arrived at Harry's flat I was super bubbly about meeting Kaleyn. I turned the car off and took out my keys and grabbed my purse and phone. I messaged Harry telling him I was here.

Message : Hey Hazza, I'm here.

He replied: Okay come in. 

I walked in and saw Kaleyn. She was beautiful and looked like me. I began to talk to her.

(Kaleyn's Pov) 

"Hey," an unfamiliar person said, "I'm Gemma," she added, " Your sister."

'My sister,' I thought, and smiled to my self.

" Hi, I'm Kaleyn," I introduced. 

She gave me a hug and I hugged back. 

"I've missed you, Kaleyn," she said.

I honestly didn't know what to say. I just smiled. Harry and Gemma wanted me to go to their house for dinner. I accepted. I didn't even call my strict parents. My phone is for "Emergency's only." FML. I'm super pissed at my parents. They lied to me. Whatever. I asked Niall if he could drive me home and he accepted.

(Time skip: In car.)

When we walked out side Niall opened my door. Aww so sweet. (: I thanked him and he walked ove to the driver's side. He turned on the radio and Live While We're Young comes on. EEEEEPPPPP (A/n lolololol.) I freaking love that song. Niall and I started singing really loudly after I tell him the directions.

" Hey girl I'm waiting on you, yeah waiting on you, come on and let me sneak you out. And have a celebration, a celebration the music up the windows down," the radio blasted. 

Niall turned the radio down when we arrived at my flat. He got out and walked around to my side and opened the door for me. Awww so sweet (again.) We walked to the door and I opened it and I didn't say one word to my parents. I led Niall up to my room and asked him what I should wear. BIG MISTAKE. He started looking through my top drawer and my panties and bras are in there. He immediately closed it and started blushing. Hee hee hee, cute.

"I'll look in the closet," he said.

"Okay," I casually said.

I followed him into my walk in closet and started looking at my clothes. He picked out a white cami, white abercrombie shirt, a blue varsity jacket, kaki pants, and white toms. Good taste in clothes. I nodded in approval.

"Wait there I'm going to take a 10 minute shower and then change," I told him grabbing the clothes. 

I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I undressed and took out my hair. I hopped in the shower and removed my make up, washed body, hair, face. Lalalalala 10 minutes later: When I finished I grabbed a towel out of the bathroom closet and got dressed. I brushed my hair and wrapped it in a towel. I walked out of my private bathroom and went by my dresser.

I started  doing my make up, when Niall snuck up behind me and whispered," You don't need that your beautiful with out it." 

I finished my makeup anyways: tan eye shadow, glittery liquid eyeliner on lid, black pencil eyeliner on water line and white eyeliner in inner corner for highlight. When I finished I took out my curly hair and brushed it and left it wet in natural curls. I side parted my hair and french braided my side bangs (Fringe). I put on my hot pink socks (half ones so it doesn't show when wearing my shoe) and put on my white toms. 

"What do you think," I asked Niall?

"Beautiful," Niall replied.


We left my room and went in the car and drove to Harry's mom's flat. When we got there we walked inside and I was really nervous to meet Anne. What if she doesn't like me?

A/n hey my loves, sorry it's short i'll try updating later today byee (: <333333



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