Finally Found My Princess

Hi I'm Kaleyn, I just figured out that I was lied to by my parents. Well you see, I was adopted. I just found out when Harry Styles read my Birth certificate. I used to be Kaleyn Smith (A/n Not real name.) but now I will soon be Kaleyn Styles. Yes my actual parents are adopting me. I'm still pissed at my parents. Anyways read to find out.


2. Hey what's this....I was adopted?-2

(Kaleyn's pov)

My head hurts. What happened after cheerleading? All I remember is falling and Niall carrying me to the hospital-then me fainting. When I woke up, I was startled. I didn't know where I was. The room was bright and then I realized - I'm in the hospital. I saw Niall and the rest of One Direction in my room.

Niall walked over to me and asked, "You alright, babe?"

Did he just call me babe???

"Yeah, I'm fine.....head....just hurts," Is all I managed to say while rubbing my head. 

"The doctor said you could go home today, you only have a few scratches and bruises from the injury," Said Liam.

I smiled I wanted to get out. I asked the boys to leave, so I could change into my regular clothes. I told the boys that I was finished. They came in and asked if I wanted to hangout, because It's only saturday. I agreed. 

"What's this,"Harry asked while looking at a paper?

"I don't know, let me see," I told him. 

I read the paper and noticed- it's my birth certificate. I looked at in and it said my mother was Anne Styles. I was adopted? I was hurt not only because I was lied to for most of my life, but why wouldn't my birth parents want me? I handed it to Harry and he carefully looked at it. He started to freak out.

"Kaleyn, I think your my, twin sister," Harry said.

He immidiately (s/p?) left the room to call his mum, I think. I chatted with Niall and turns out we both entertain each other. When Harry came back he was upset, but why.

"What's wrong Hazza,"Louis asked?

"Yeah she's my sister, my mom told me that she never wanted to give you up but my father made her. I don't understand why I never knew. I called Gemma and even she knew," Harry said with tears in his eyes. 

I started to get upset, my father didn't want me? I started to sob and Harry comforted me. 

"If were going to be siblings, we have a lot of catching up to do," Harry said. 

I nodded in agreement. He called Gemma and said to meet us at his flay he shares with Louis. She agrees and we are in the car, one our way to Harry's flat.


(Gemma's Pov)

I knew I had a sister. I wanted to meet her for so long, but never knew what she looked like. I was ecited to meet her. (A/n the key between "z" and "c" is broken so i will have some words spelled wrong sorry) I just knew that we would best friends. I got ready in 5 minutes and got into my car and drove to harry's flat.


A/n sorry it's kind of short. I had a lot of home work and I have a quiz tomorrow so I have to study- ha I don't do that, who does? Anyways I am hanging over at my friend's house Friday so I probably can't update then. I'll try my best to update as soon as I can. (: ps my comment have my usual signature but I can't do that cause the key is broken so Adios my loves (:

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