Finally Found My Princess

Hi I'm Kaleyn, I just figured out that I was lied to by my parents. Well you see, I was adopted. I just found out when Harry Styles read my Birth certificate. I used to be Kaleyn Smith (A/n Not real name.) but now I will soon be Kaleyn Styles. Yes my actual parents are adopting me. I'm still pissed at my parents. Anyways read to find out.


1. He's cute-wait that's Niall -1

( Kaleyn's Pov)

Hi I'm Kaleyn. I'm 18 going on 19 Febuary 1. Yeah I know I was born on the same day as Harry styles. People say we look alike. We both have brown curly hair, but mines longer and we also have green eyes. I have pink and black braces. I am from Holmes chapel and live there . Hey maybe me and him are related. Anyways I am a Directioner for life Niall is my absolute favorite I love Irish boys❤. I am really bored I have school soon and right now it is 6:45. I straighted my long brown hair and put on my neutral makeup (tan eyeshadow, black eyeliner on waterline and 3 coats or mascara ) and dressed in a striped shirt and red jeans and gray toms Aka Louis signature outfit. I brushed my teeth. When I'm done I call my best friend Eleanor yes Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. I can't believe she didn't tell me that earlier!! I dialed her number in my white iPhone and she answered after 5 rings.


" Hey Eleanor!"

" Hey Kaleyn."

" I am ready, are you?"

"Yeah I'll meet you at the bus stop in 5 minutes."

" Okay, bye"


I hung up and. Grabbed my book bag and walked to Eleanor's house which is next door to mine. She walked out an and we walked another few houses to Perrie's house wich was our bus stop.

Perrie walked out and said "Nice outfit Kay and El." 

"Thanks, yours too," EL and I said, we were all wearing the same thing.

The bus arrived and we walked to the back and all sat down in the same seat. We arrived at school after the bus picked up a few more kids. El, Perrie and I all walked to our lockers wich were right by each other we all had gym first period, so we grabbed our things for second period, so we won't be late. We walked to the gym, and then the locker room. I walked to my gym locker and changed into my gym outfit; pink short-shorts and a white shirt with my dance logo on it-which is pink. I put on my white tennis shoes and put my dark brown hair into a pony tail. I checked my twitter, face book, instagram and tet (<--A/n I know it spelled it wrong but that key is broken sorry) messages. I put my phone in my locker and locked it. I walked out of the locker room and sat by Eleanor. 

She said, "Hi," and waved. 


Perrie waked out and sat by us. 

"Mile run is today," Ms. Smith our gym teacher said. 

 We all went out side and started running. I was fast and was on my second lap within the fifth minute. I finished the mile within 10 minutes, and I was the first done. Ms. Smith told me to go inside and change so I walked inside and unlocked my locker and changed into my red skinny jeans, striped shirt and gray toms. I took out my pony tail and brushed my dark brown hair. I checked my make up and reapplied what was needed. Everyone started coming in and changing. A few minutes later the bell rang and I walked to second period, History. When I arrived I sat in my usual seat by my friend Allie. 

Before I new it, it was time for cheer practice. I got changed in my same gym out fit and started stretching. My friend Madison walked over. 

"Hi," she said. 

"Hi," I replied.

She started stretching too, until our coach told us we were going outside. I got up and Madison and I went outside and we did our back bends and splits. I worked on my back handspring. I got told mine was perfect by my coach. I did it again and I fell. A football player ran over and helped me. He asked if I was alright I shook my head, and my eyes started tearing up, my arm really hurt. He carried me to his car and drove me to the hospital. It was weird, I don't know him. I looked at him and thought 'He's  cute- wait thats Niall.' Then I blacked out.


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