My 1Direction fan fiction hope you guys like it <3

read 2 find out :P actually its the second chapter 2 my 1st one cant find a few 2 edit that one so i can continue chapters :(


4. Wow

"Wow," we both said at the same time

The apartment looked so different. I think the previous owners did some major cleaning and re decorating, it was a good thing we liked it. 

"Race you for the best room" i said while getting a head start.

"hey no fair" she replied while laughing

I grabbed the first bedroom i say and it was so different than how i remembered it. Bigger, better, and i dont know how, but less crowded. I loved it! I quickly went to the bathroom to freshen up, take a shower, brush my teeth, etc.., and Anna took the other bathroom.About an hour later i was all dressed up in my Bon Jovi crop t-shirt and my dark wash jeans, while i put my wet hair in a ponytail. I went back to my room and started un packing, i didn't realize i packed so much stuff! It took me over an hour to get everything un packed and in its place. Just as i was done, I went to the living room and found Anna at the tv.

"So what do you wanna do now that we're unpacked?" she asked me

" I don't know how about we both go out on our own to you know, explore a little, and then meet up back here in an hour?" i suggested

" Okay sure" she said

I took a 100$ bill out of my suitcase and transferred it into my wallet, and my wallet into my British design purse. I slipped on my sandals and walked out the door, with Anna following right behind me.

" I think im going to go take a tour of Bug ben, since its only about 10 minutes away from here" i told her

"Okay im gonna go to the mall, see if i can get anything interesting," she said

"You always go shopping!" i tell her

" I know" she said with a smirkd

I headed out the door and walked down the block. I got there in shorter time than i expected, it took only about 5 minutes. I payed the lady at door and joined the rest of the group as they were starting to leave. The tour was half way dome, but then i saw him

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