My 1Direction fan fiction hope you guys like it <3

read 2 find out :P actually its the second chapter 2 my 1st one cant find a few 2 edit that one so i can continue chapters :(


6. The best date ever!

As me and Niall were walking to the diner, our hands accidently brushed by each other. I  swear i could feel like sparks like tingles shoot up my arm. I felt so lucky. I turned to look at him and saw him blush. He's so cute! So anyways we got to the diner and i ordered a double cheesburger with extra fires and garlic bread. 

"Wow you have a big appetite"

"Yeah, well i just came from New York today, and i didn't eat anything on the plane, so yeah.. I'm a little hungry" i said

"Well i love a girl that's not afraid to eat in front of me" Niall said

" Oh never! I love food" i laughed

"Me to!" he said

"I'll have the same thing he told the waitress"

After we ordered we got to talking and i thought i was falling in love. He was everything that i ever wanted in a boyfriend! He was sweet, funny as hell, hot, AND he could sing!

"So do you speak any other languages?" as asked me

" Yeah i speak Romanian,French, and of course English," i said "What about you?"

"Oh thats so cool, and yes i speak Irish, and Spanish, and of course English.

I laughed, he was to funny!

"So you speak Romanian huh? Thats really cool, did you learn it in school or something?"

"No actually I learned French in school, but both of my parents were Romanian so i sort of grew up speaking it, English is actually my second language"

"Yeah same here! My first language was Irish."

" So how old are you?" he asked me

" I'm 18 i just graduated highschool actually, 2 days after my graduation me and my best friend Anna flew to London. We're staying here for a year. Speaking of which i should call her cuz i promised i'd meet her at our apartment in an hour and I'm 15 minutes late. Do you mind if she joins us?" i ask

"Yeah sure, it's no problem, I'll call Harry and see if he want's to come to."    



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