My 1Direction fan fiction hope you guys like it <3

read 2 find out :P actually its the second chapter 2 my 1st one cant find a few 2 edit that one so i can continue chapters :(


7. Metting Harry


                               *Nialls P.O.V*

As me and Cristina were walking i accidently brushed my hand along hers, i felt this type of jolt go out my arm. I think i was falling in love, and I barely know her

When we got to the diner, i was about to order her a salad thinking she wouldnt want to eat so much, but to my surprise she had almost as big as an apatite as me! I loved that about her, i hate girls that are afraid to eat infront of me. So after we ate I started asked her some questions about her life, and i found out that she could speak 3 different languages! I couldn't believe it, she was the perfect girl for me!

She told me that she had to go meet with her roommate and asked if she could join us. Of course i said yes, i wanted to keep talking to her. So then i  suggested that Harry come to, so she won't feel like the 3rd wheel.

10 minutes later Cristina's friend Anna walked through the door, and 5 minutes later so did Harry.

                                    *Cristina's P.O.V*

I called Anna and she agreed to come meet me at the diner. I didn't tell her Niall or Harry were gonna be there, cuz i knew she'd run home and put on a new outfit, take a shower, change her make-up, and that would take forever!

I saw her walking in and waved at her

"Hey Anna, over here!" I called to her.

She was on her phone texting, and didn't look up until she arrived at the table. When she did i saw her eyes get wide

"Don't scream!" Niall and I said at the same time

I put my hand over her mouth to, just in case. She slowly sat down next to me, wide eyed, and silent. I think she was totaly fan-girling on the inside.

About 5 minutes after Anna came in so did Harry. Niall waved him towards our table, and i think Anna would have fainted if i didn't pinch her shoulder.

                           *Harry's P.O.V*

Niall called me, and said he wanted to meet up at the diner next to Big Ben, i asked what this was about but all he said was to hurry, and there was someone that he wanted me to meet.

As i walked into the diner i saw Niall waving me over, and across from him sat two gorgeous girls. One with blonde hair and one with brown hair. I sat down at the table, and asked Niall what this was all about.

"Harry, this is Cristina," he pointed at the blonde girl, "And this is Anna"

"Pleased to meet you guys" he says

I can't help starring at Anna, she seems so down to heart and beautiful! I think I'm in love!

                                           *Anna's P.O.V*

As i was finishing up at the mall, i got a call from Cristina saying she wanted to meet at the diner next to Big Ben. I texted her back saying okay, i just had to run home and put down my bags. Then she texted back to hurry up. I wondered what she was planning. She knows i hate surprises.

 So i arrive at the diner, and see Cristina waving me over. I was texting my sister, Nikki, back home cuz she wanted to know London was. I stopped texting long enough to look up and see that Cristina was sitting with a guy. I slowly looked up and realized it was Niall! I couldn't believe it I was about to scream, but then she covered my mouth. I sat down, speechless. I swear I was about to faint, when Harry came through the door. Good think Cristina pinched me, or else I would have made a complete fool of myself in front Harry and Niall. I caught Harry starring me, i think I turned beet red, I hope he likes me, you never know..... right?       



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