My 1Direction fan fiction hope you guys like it <3

read 2 find out :P actually its the second chapter 2 my 1st one cant find a few 2 edit that one so i can continue chapters :(


11. Meeting Delme


I woke the next day with Niall beside me. I saw he was already awake

"Morning" i said still half asleep

"Morning beautiful" he said

He kissed me on the forehead and went to make breakfast. I look at the watch on my hand

"Oh shit!" i say

Before I came to England, my mom got me a job at a coffee shop close to my apartment.

"I'm late" i say

"For what?" Niall asks

"My job that my mom set up for me" i reply

"Well in that case get in the car!" he yells

I brush my teeth, then get into Nialls car, I leave a not for Anna saying that Niall drove me to work, and that i'll be back at the apartment later on tonight. We stopped by my place so that I could take a quick shower and change my clothes. After about 20 minutes I met Niall outside. He drove for another five minutes, and we arrived at the Cafe.

"Call me when your shift is done so we can have lunch" he says

"Sure no problem" I answer back with a smile

I arrived just in time, and went to go meet with the manager, got my uniform, my work schedule, and started work right away. I saw this other girl about my age, she looked like she really knew what she was doing. I was kinda lost so I went to talk to her, see if she could help me out.

"Hey, my name's Cristina" i tell her

"Hello, I'm Delme" she says

"Nice to meet you" I say

"Like wise she says" she says "So your the new girl huh?"

"Yup that's me" i say with a smile

"You look a little lost, you want some help?" she asks

"Yeah that would be awesome!" i say

I notice that she has an American accent. So anyways, she shows me around, how to pour tea and coffee, how to serve drinks, and tells me that I must be nice to all customers.

"Wow that's a lot of work" i say

"yeah, but it's not so bad when you have a friend working with you" she says with a smile.

I smile back, and get to work. Before I know it, it's 4:00 and time for my break. It's also time for Delme so I invite her to have lunch with me and my boyfriend. She says sure, and I call him and tell him to bring one of the guys that was free. I also told him about Delme and was happy to bring someone. He was so sweet!

                    *10 Minutes Later*

  Niall shows up with Zayn. I look over at Delme and introduce them both to her. As I talk I see her mouth slowly forming an O shaped. 

"I'm guessing your a fan of One Direction" i giggle

"Are you kidding me! They're awesome!" she says

"So, which one is your boyfriend?" she whispers

"Niall" i say with a proud look on my face, as Niall puts his arm around me and we start walking.

I can tell that she was relieved, I'm guessing Zayn was her favorite. Niall takes us to a Subway Restaurant and me and Niall got Meatball Marina's, and Kaitln and Zayn just made their own. I thought they made a cute couple, but Zayn had a girlfriend. Was it so wrong to wish that they broke up so Delme and Zayn would be a couple. I guess they'll just have to settle for friends until that happens.


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