My 1Direction fan fiction hope you guys like it <3

read 2 find out :P actually its the second chapter 2 my 1st one cant find a few 2 edit that one so i can continue chapters :(


3. London <3

The airplane ride was 14 hours long, way to long for me! I get sick if i stay on an airplane for more than three hours so I had to take these special pills. I slept most of the flight because it was around midnight and i wanted to wake up refreshed by the time we landed. I thought i closed my eyes for only 10 minutes, but when i woke up the stewardess said that we would be landing in an hour.

"Wow!" i told Anna, "Time flies"

"Yeah i know right! I couldn't sleep i stayed up half the night. oh by the way, check your hand" she said

I looked down at my hand and saw she drew like a million mustaches on my hand with sharpie. I gave her a little shove and laughed. I held up one of the mustaches she drew on my finger and help it up to my lip. I started doing a fake British accent, and looked over, the flight attendants were giving me dirty looks, so i slowly took my finger away from my mouth. I started laughing so hard i had to cover my moth to stop. But that just set Anna off and we were both laughing hysterically! I think while i was laughing i actually snorted. That's what happens when i laugh really hard, i think its dorky but some people say it's cute. I don't know, i really don't care. 

"Sooo..... JUST 45 MORE MINUTES!!!" i yell at her

"OH MY GOSH I CAN'T WAIT!" she replied

" Oh i almost forgot to tell you, guess who's gonna be in London for a month?!" i asked

"OMG WHO?!" she said

"Nahh i think i'll keep at as a surprise," i teased

"Come on just tell me" she said

" Okay fine! One Direction!" i said"

I knew she loved them she's been a directioner ever since i could remember. She's actually the reason why i got into One Direction. I have to remember to thank her later.

"OH MY GOD! LIAR! WHERE DID YOU HEAR THIS FROM?!?!?!" she started yelling at me all these random questions.

"Well, like at 3:00 the day we left, i saw this special on E! News about it. So naturally i started fangirling inside, you know i can never show Carmen my fangirling side." i said

"So do you think we'll see them? If we do i totaly want their autograph!" she said'

" I dont know.. maybe, if we're luck i guess, but i wouldnt count on it, they're probably really busy."

" Yeah i guess" she replied with a solemn look on her face.

I feel like i just crushed her dream, but i have to stay realistic, I've learned in life to never get your hopes up, cuz if you do, people will just disappoint you even more.I looked out the window and saw Big Ben.

"Look over there!" i said while pointing out the window

"Wow! It's just like i remember it, it's so beautiful" she said

Me and Anna went to London last year to rent an apartment for this year we wouldn't have had any time to do it cuz of graduation this year anyways. So we reserved that apartment a year in advance. And i had to agree with her starring out the window reminded me why i wanted to live in London. It was so elegant and beautiful at the same time!

"Ladies and gentleman, thank you for riding Air London, please fasten your seat belts, and put your tray tables up, we are about to land in London. I hope you enjoyed your flight, have a fantastic stay in London" the flight attendant said over the P.A system

Anna and i both fastened our seat belts, and prepared to land. I always hated landing, its my least favorite part of an airplane. When we drop five feet, i feel this thing in my gut like i really dropped 50 feet. Finally the planes wheels touch the ground, and i realize i was digging my nails into Anna's hand. She knows im a little scarred of airplanes so you doesn't say anything. We walk off the plane and go get out luggage. It took over an hour to find my last suitcase, at least it didn't get lost.

We go to find a cab and head over to our new home, we are both so excited we couldn't keep still. I kept taking pictures of everything that we passes by, i didn't know a cab ride could be this interesting! by the time we got to our new house my camera was a quarter full with pictures of random things. We thank and pay the driver, then head up stairs to our new place.

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