My 1Direction fan fiction hope you guys like it <3

read 2 find out :P actually its the second chapter 2 my 1st one cant find a few 2 edit that one so i can continue chapters :(


5. Him

I turn and see his face, under his sunglasses i could see a hint of blue. And under his baseball cap i see his blond hair.

"Oh My Gosh!" i start to say

I look over at him again, and then realize i almost shouted that. I look into his pleading eyes, I don't think he feels like being mobbed, so i keep my mouth shut.

"Yes miss, is something wrong?" the lady guiding the group asks me

"Oh no, i just... umm.. erm.. saw..a..bug! Yeah a bug, a big bug." i say with a sigh of relief

The lady rolls her eyes and continues the tour.

                *After the tour*

After the tour I start to walk outside ready to meet up with Anna, when someone grabs my arm. Before i turn around i can tell its him, because tingles shoot up my arm.

            "Hey, thanks for not exposing me, i really didn't feel like getting mobbed" he says in his Irish accent.

"Yeah sure no problem, i thought that you might have wanted some privacy."

                                 *NIALLS P.O.V*

The lads and I arrived in London yesterday, it felt so good to be back. But i realized i spent almost six years in London and never visited Big Ben. So tomorrow i decided to go to Big Ben.

The day started off pretty normally i thought my disguise was good, so i headed out the door and surprisingly no one recognized me . So i headed down the street to Big Ben, bought my ticket for tour and joined the group. The minute she walked in, i felt my heart jump. She didn't look like she was from London, i  don't know, there was something about her...... something special. I caught myself starring so i turned away embarrassed. She probably had a boyfriend, so i have up the thought. 

The tour was halfway over, when i saw her starring me. there was a puzzled look on her face, and then suddenly that puzzled expression turned from shocked to amazed. I think she was about to give me away, but i looked at her threw my sunglasses, silently begging her not to say anything. I figured she saw my eyes because she quickly covered up her OH MY GOD that she said earlier. I couldn't help laughing at what she said after that. She was like my dream girl, and i didn't even know her name

                         *Cristina's P.O.V*

I turned around and i think my eyes were so wide they were about 2 explode! 

"So whats your name?" he asks

"Cristina" i respond

" Wow thats a nice name, I'm Niall" he says

" I know," i say not even thinking " Umm.. i mean..... hi??" i say

Im such an idiot! NIALL HORAN was talking to me! And i was blabbing away like an idiot! but to my surprise he stood there laughing, and like five seconds later i joined in. His laugh was so cute! As we were laughing i think i snorted. I quickly cover my mouth embarrassed.

"You have such a cute laugh" he tells me

" Really?!" i say shocked " I mean thanks"

" You really do, not many girls i meet are so comfortable laughing their real laugh infront of me. They're all so commercial and fake

I smile

" Hey, so do you wanna come with me to get something to eat?? he asks. "There's a diner right next to here just a little down the block."

"Umm yeah sure" i say.

As we were walking i thought to myself, that i was so lucky. I mean stuff like this only happen in the movies, not to regular people like me! 



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