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"I feel like that there is someone out there who understands me better than my mom. What I experienced that couple of days was something that someone would never want to have. Sadly, now I know, there are kids like me also that have the same problems."

Maia is a normal girl. Or, that's what she's been told. Turns out, she is a very powerful demi-god. Her brother personally took the liberaty of defeating one of the most powerful titans out there.

Wonder how Annabeth ever found Percy in his dreams?!?

I've created this cuz a) I feel bad for poor Leo who's been left a loner and b) I waited long enough for a daughter of..... oops almost gave it away. As you might of guessed, this is a spin-off of Percy Jackson and The Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series.



9. Waking up without answers....

“Wait!” I called out. “Wait!!!”

I woke up with a gasp. Holly and another person around her age walked up to my bed. She had brown curly hair braided on down her back, brown eyes. To sum it up, I was a bit jealous. She was..... was..... pretty. No, not pretty, beautiful seemed to work way better. I heard Holly talking in ancient Greek to her. I could only hear bits and pieces of their conversation. I managed to get three pieces out of their conversation:1. Her name was Piper, 2. Her and some people named, Jason and Leo were going somewhere and 3. Holly suggested bringing me along. She told Piper how well I took down the Manticore. After, I tried to get up but Holly made me lie down for a bit. She told Piper to get the others, whatever that meant.

              “Maia, I want you to meet some people. This is Piper, Jason, and Leo.” I looked at the Leo-guy and he seemed to be blushing. He was handsome. “Piper and Jason are going to take you to look around. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want.”



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