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"I feel like that there is someone out there who understands me better than my mom. What I experienced that couple of days was something that someone would never want to have. Sadly, now I know, there are kids like me also that have the same problems."

Maia is a normal girl. Or, that's what she's been told. Turns out, she is a very powerful demi-god. Her brother personally took the liberaty of defeating one of the most powerful titans out there.

Wonder how Annabeth ever found Percy in his dreams?!?

I've created this cuz a) I feel bad for poor Leo who's been left a loner and b) I waited long enough for a daughter of..... oops almost gave it away. As you might of guessed, this is a spin-off of Percy Jackson and The Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series.



28. Leaving

The next morning, I got up at dawn. Packing what few belongings I had brought, I headed down to the beach where I was met by a bruising Justin and a satisfied Leo. I could tell that Leo had gotten the chance to torture Justin and I highly doubt that it was Leo who had laid his hands on him, he had probably gotten Nyssa or Harley to do it for him. A struggling Annabeth had made it up the sand dunes just as I was getting greeted by Justin and Leo.

"LEO!!! LEO FREAKIN' VALDEZ!!!!" Annabeth shouted at the top of her lungs. Leo was completely taken by surprise and since he wasn't expecting it at all, he walked backwards into the water and the small rushing wave knocked him off of his already unstable standing.

"Jeez, Annabeth. People are still sleeping. Why are--"

"THEY FOUND PERCY!" Her excitement could be measured in tendrils washing off of her. It was as f she was smoking from the anticipation of the situation. "He's at Jason's camp. Camp Jupiter. In San Francisco."

"Sweet! And this has to do with me because?" 

"Because we are taking your ship, stupid. And your ship needs its Captain... you up for the trip?" She asked, almost rushed. 

"Don't we need a third member for this Quest?" Justin asked me under his breath.

"Yes, I think? Can't we just ask Karsten to come along in Leo's place?" I asked him.

"Probably," We turned our attention back to Annabeth and Leo's conversation about going to San Francisco.

"Well, obviously, we can take Jason and use him to trade with Percy. Didn't I already explain this to you?" Annabeth exasperatingly tried to explain to Leo.

"You mean, you have actually found my brother?" I asked interrupting their conversation. 

"Yeah, Maia, we've found him." She was crying with happiness now. 

"Just do me one favour, when you see him."

"Sure, anything."

"Just don't tell him that he has a sister."

"Why not?"

"Because, that's something that I want to do myself."

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