Back to Camp Half-Blood

"I feel like that there is someone out there who understands me better than my mom. What I experienced that couple of days was something that someone would never want to have. Sadly, now I know, there are kids like me also that have the same problems."

Maia is a normal girl. Or, that's what she's been told. Turns out, she is a very powerful demi-god. Her brother personally took the liberaty of defeating one of the most powerful titans out there.

Wonder how Annabeth ever found Percy in his dreams?!?

I've created this cuz a) I feel bad for poor Leo who's been left a loner and b) I waited long enough for a daughter of..... oops almost gave it away. As you might of guessed, this is a spin-off of Percy Jackson and The Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series.



12. I finally find out who Chiron is! (took long enough)!!

We walked to the 'Big House', thankfully. I don't think I could run anymore for the rest of the day. I was really anxious to find out who this 'Chiron' was. Everybody talks about him and I guess he's the go-to man when something goes wrong. We climbed up the steps to the 'Big House' that Jason was talking about. It was about two stories and sky blue. We knocked on the door and a centaur opened the door. Hold the train! HOLD IT!!!!!!!!!! A centaur?! Really confused at the moment!

"Chiron. We need to talk." Piper said really sternly. Alright. Let's try to put everything together now. Chiron is a centaur, Annabeth knows who my dad is, Karsten doen't actually have a disorder in his legs and Jason was exchanged with the famous 'Percy Jackson'. That about sums it up.

"Well come on in." Chiron guided us towards the living room.

"You look vaguely familiar..."I started to say.

"Well, I should, shouldn't I? After all, my name in the mortal's world is Mr. Brunner." My mouth fell open with shock. Annabeth managed a few giggles in between her sobbing which had started again as we had come closer to the Big House.

"We have to tell you some very important things." Piper started.

"She knows about Percy." Annabeth blurted out right after Piper finished.

"Hold on, our Percy? Percy Jackson?" Chiron asked with confusion in his voice.

"Yeah," I answered. "Our Percy."

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