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"I feel like that there is someone out there who understands me better than my mom. What I experienced that couple of days was something that someone would never want to have. Sadly, now I know, there are kids like me also that have the same problems."

Maia is a normal girl. Or, that's what she's been told. Turns out, she is a very powerful demi-god. Her brother personally took the liberaty of defeating one of the most powerful titans out there.

Wonder how Annabeth ever found Percy in his dreams?!?

I've created this cuz a) I feel bad for poor Leo who's been left a loner and b) I waited long enough for a daughter of..... oops almost gave it away. As you might of guessed, this is a spin-off of Percy Jackson and The Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series.



23. Help


That's what the note read. What am I supposed to help with? No, wait that's a very rhetorical question to ask. How am I supposed to help Karsten's brother? Where do we start looking for him? And most of all, how am I supposed to help with a situation I'm not supposed to know about?


Before going to morning activities, I decided to slip into the Athena cabin for some reference material. And obviously, it's in Aincent Greek. I can't read English, remember?

"Justin?" I called. He was the only person in the Athena cabin that would talk to me, other than Annabeth.

"In here. Come in!" he called back. I entered, and was awe-struck at how many books there probably were. And also the fact that the beds were shoved against the wall. There was a SMARTboard in the room and a dozen laptops. One of them, inparticular, had the sign of Daedalus, the legendary inventor and builder. There were blueprints layed out across entire tables and even some on the ceilings.

"O'... 'ello Molly. What brings you 'ere today?" Yup. Justin was British. Believe it if you will......

"Just looking for some books to read, and for some strategies worthy of Athena..." I started. At the beginning of the tour I got, Jason and Piper had explained something about fatal flaws. Annabeth had told me hers was being able to do something better than anyone else. "Even the Gods.... that's a very bad thing you know, Maia?" She had told me before. Anyways, Justin's fatal flaw was perfection. Or something along the lines of that. He believes that his and his siblings plans are always perfect. Nothing can beat them, not even a battle strategy made by their own mother. That is actually a very scary thought considering their mother is THE Goddess of battle strategies.

"Well then, you've come to the right place!" he exclaimed. "What d'you need?"

"I need your help to find Karsten's brother, Grover."


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