You Belong With Me

When Sophie goes to Chesire, England for winning a contest, she meets her idol. Harry Styles. They fall in love, but what happens when the rest of the boys fall for her as well? Fights will be taking place. Kisses will be charming. And love will eventually fall in place.


7. The hospital

Harry's P.O.V>

"911, how may I help you"

"yeah, I need an ambulance quick, my girlf- friend was stabbed by a guy"

"Okay, calm down, we are tracking your you know if she is breathing?"

"No, I will check...she's breathing a bit"

"Alright, they should be there any minute now."

"Thank you"

I am terrified...should I tell the boys_yes. "Liam, meet me at the hospital in 10, Sophie's hurt very badly" I said. "Okay, were on our way" He was panicking aswell.

"HELLO?!?!" I heard a bunch of paramettics yell.

"YES!! OVER HERE! QUICK!!!" I shouted. Tears were forming in my eyes. I was trying to hold them back. How could I be like this. I don't even know her. I just feel this way. I couldn't let her go. I would feel guilty, and would never ever have a chance with her.

"Are you coming, boy" An old man asked me.

"Uh--yeah" I hopped in the ambulance. I really didn't know what to think at this point.






Sophie's P.O.V.

My eyes fluttered open and I was in a room I've never seen before. All I remember is my ex stabbing me in the neck. I started to raise my hand to feel my neck, when Iwas stopped by a warming hand.


Harry's P.O.V.

The boys were waiting outside and I was here, still panicking. So many thing going through my mind. I didn't love her, no...I don't know her. Maybe I'll make a move tonight, at home. I'll invite her to sleep with me, but not as a perverted guy.

Her eyes fluttered open, I saw her look around in confusion and raise her hand to touch her neck, but I stopped her so she wouldn't be discusted and disturbed by her scar. "Harry" She said. "The doctor said not to touch it" I lied. But, I was only trying to protect her. To be honest the scar was pretty disturbing. "What happened to me?" She asked. "You are alright, a bitch just came out of know where and stabbed you, I think. I just found you laying in a pool of blood next to a guy." I said. "I know who he is." She said in discust with her head down. "WHO?!?!" I asked getting up from my seat. "My ex. I don't know how he found me" She replied. "You're safe, here, with me." I tried not to sound too cheesy.


Sophie's P.O.V>

"You're safe, here, with me" He told me. Cheesy. But Adorable.

We were interupted by a nurse with some pills and a water. "Sophie you're awake! You can go home after you take these"  she said. "Thanks" Harry said. I swallowed my pills and drank my water, and we headed out the door of the ahospital room. We were greeted by many "Hello"'s and "Thank god you're okay"'s. I knew this is where I belong. Somehow.








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