You Belong With Me

When Sophie goes to Chesire, England for winning a contest, she meets her idol. Harry Styles. They fall in love, but what happens when the rest of the boys fall for her as well? Fights will be taking place. Kisses will be charming. And love will eventually fall in place.


3. Flight Day

Sophie's P.O.V.


"God Soph wake up!" I heard a familiar voice scream into my face. "Shut up" I could tell it was Ally. I guess I got on her nerves because she threw the blanket off me. I hate when people do that.

"I"M UP!" I sighed and walked to the bathroom. It was when I was in the shower when I actually realised what today was. How could I forget? It's the most important day of my life! I quickly finished and hoped out. I brushed my long brown hair, which I didn't really like. I stared at my brown eyes. I hated the way I looked.


Ally's P.O.V.

I grabbed my bags and threw them in the car. I had already eaten breakfast. I'm a nervous eater, so I had two bowls of oatmeal and a banana with orange juice. I was still waiting for Sophie to come downstairs. I ran back in to tell her to hurry up, but she was already in hte kitchen eating waffles. I was going to ask her where she got them, but I just didn't. "Come on, where's your bags?" I asked. "Upstaires" She said. Well finish and put them in my car. I will be right back. I walked to the back of the house to the spare bedroom and pulled out a box from under the bed. I decided to surprize her with a one direction fan frenzy gift box. "I shoved it in my bag and went back to the kitchen. I grabbed a granola bar and headed torwards the door.


Sophie's P.O.V.

Ally went to the spare bedroom and pulled out something from under the bed. I was confused and worried at the same time. I'm one of those people who has to know everything. I just ignored it and went to get my bags and went to the car. After I put my bags in and got into the passengers seat, Ally sighed and drove off. When we arrived at the airport, there was not many people there. When we asked the lady where to sit and wait for our plane, she said to go and sit in the privite jet section. I was confused. Where we getting a private jet?


Harry's P.O.V.

*DING DING* I leaned over to my phone on the floor next to my bed. I don't remember much of last night except for coming straight home and going to sleep. I got a text from Paul that read. "meet me and the boys at the coffee place at 5:00" I let out a big sigh and got out of bed to get ready...5 minutes later I got another text from Paul that read. "It's a contest for the fans, you're going to be meeting two girls after the little meet and greet today." I smiled slightly and set my phone back down. Apparently, the fans think that only I am going to be there, but the boys are also coming. It's a surprise for our fans.



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