You Belong With Me

When Sophie goes to Chesire, England for winning a contest, she meets her idol. Harry Styles. They fall in love, but what happens when the rest of the boys fall for her as well? Fights will be taking place. Kisses will be charming. And love will eventually fall in place.


1. The Drawing...

Sophie's P.O.V.


"Come on Ally!" I yelled from the kitchen. "We're going to be late!" gosh that girl always took forever. "Coming" I heard her yell as I was walking out the front door. I put my keys in the ignition, I tried to speed up, so we'd get there earlier than usual. I was so excited for today, it was the day of the drawing at our local grocery store. The winner gets to spend a week in Chesire, England. I'm not so excited about the tourism, I'm excited about visiting Harry Styles' hometown. The part I'm not too excited about is having to fly from Florida all the way to there, that is if I win. The reason is because my mom died on a flight to paris about 3 years ago. I'm terribly afraid of flying, but if that means I get to visit Harry Styles' hometown, I'm willing to take the risk. "Keep your eyes on the road, Soph!" Ally exclaimed. "Oh sorry." I must have been daydreaming... "So lets say we do win, and we go...and the boys fall in love with one of us?" Ally questioned. "Lets just focus on winning the drawing. I mean, we might not win, there's hundreds of screaming girls that'd like to go, too." I replied. "True" I heard her sigh.


Harry's P.O.V.


"Guys I have to go now" I told the boys. I was going back to Chesire for a couple weeks because we are taking a short break before going back on tour. "Bye mate!" Liam said with tears in his eyes. "Li, why are you crying? It's only a few weeks, and guys just aren't suppost to cry over other guys." I said. "Yeah Seriously dude, you're not like that, besides you have Danielle." Louis interupted. "I know...sorry Hazza." Liam said with his head down. "It's fine, see you soon guys, bye" I yelled back to them on my way to my flight. "BYE!!!" They all shouted as I climbed on board. I sat in my seat just waiting for screaming girls to come over and you know, fangirl. But surprisingly there weren't any. Except for this one girl who kept staring at me, it kinda creeped me out. I quickly dozed off before I could think any more about her.


Sophie's P.O.V.


"Okay, may I have everybody's attention?" The manager of the store asked. Everybody quickly turned to her way eager to hear the results. "Okay, Ally" I wispered. "Stay calm."

"Here we go!!!" The lady shouted. It seemed like forever till she actually chose one. There must have been 700 names in there. "An the winner is...MADI CORNSHIRE!" damn. "What the hell?!" Ally quietly said to me. I rolled myeyes at her eager to see what the girl looked like. Two minutes passed and half the people left, but there was still no 'Madi Cornshire' to be seen. Finally, the lady went back up to the microphone. "Since Madi Cornshire is no where to be seen, we will choose another lucky winner!" She exclaimed. A sigh of relief flew all over my body. I shouldn't keep my hopes up. "And the winner is........SOPHIE CLARK!!!" she yelled into to microphone. I just stood there in shock, I didn't even know what had just happened. It couldn't be me. Could it? Somehow I made it up there. I don't know how. I grabbed the bright pink package and ran to my car with a huge grin on my face. Ally was right behind me. I must have been screaming, but didn't notice it untill people started to stare at me. But I didn't care. I WON!! I actually WON!!!! "OMFG" I exclaimed as Ally somehow found her way by my side. This is amazing!!








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