My 1Direction fan fiction hope you guys like it <3 :P

its bout One Direction, if i start really descfribing it i'll suin the whole story :P


1. Graduation

"Wow, we finally made it." said my best friend Anna

The day was warm and breezy, just the way i liked it. I sat in my chair with my blue and gold graduation cap and gown. I couldn't believe it seemed just like yesterday when Anna and I were in middle school together. I felt someone poking me and came back to reality.

"Huh, what did you say?" i asked her

" I was SAYING that I couldn't believe we actually made it."

" I know right! And i can't believe our parents let us spend a year off school and live in England for a whole year!" i replied 

"I can't believe it either, for the next 12 months it's just gonna be you, me, and London!" she answered back excitedly

I was so excited that I almost didn't hear my name being called, i went up got my diploma, then walked/ran to my seat. I was finally 18 and a high school graduate!

"CLASS OF 2013 TAKE A BOW!" said my principle in the microphone

Anna and I jumped up from our seats and threw our caps in the air. We hugged and everyone clapped, i felt like the only girl in the world. Also, to add on to the good news, i got accepted to Oxford law for when the year is up, im going to keep on living there for the next about 10 years, i was so excited! I looked next to me and saw my ex boyfriend Lucas starring at me. Me and Lucas have been dating since 8th grade, i broke up with him last year cuz i caught him cheating on me with my now ex friend. Anna looked over at me and saw him;

"Hey, don't worry about that loser, today is our day, in less than 48 hours we'll be on a plane to London, and he'll be stuck here in boring old New York, so cheer up, have some fun!" she told me

"yeah your right, he can go to hell, come on we better go our we'll be late for our going away/graduation party!" i replied


We both laughed and headed for our cars, we couldn't wait to get home and never look back. In less than 48 hours our lives were gonna change!

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