(This is my first story on here) Feather is an average 16 year old living with her uncle. Her uncle has an eccentric character, but little does she know just how far it goes...


2. The next stage


“Two weeks! She’s been in the changeling process for two weeks.” I try opening my eyes. I’m pretty sure that it’s my uncle’s voice but my eyes stay sealed. What’s he talking about? My questions have to wait. I try opening my eyes again and to my astonishment they fly open. I find I’m still where I was, according to Uncle Ransom, two weeks ago. The sunlight is streaming through the window and I feel drowsy as if I have just awoken from a nightmare. “It’s time you came back.” My uncle cries. What’s going on? “Your teeth are already growing.” There’s something different about him. Uncle Ransom seems to be surrounded by what looks remarkably like illuminating light. My gaze flickers around the room. There, standing around my bed are Mr and Mrs Stainson, Mack’s parents. What are they doing here? “Mum... here!” calls a breathless voice from outside the doorway. I recognise it immediately. After a few seconds Mack appears holding a water bottle; his auburn hair is slick and shiny with sweat, his light blue eyes frantic as if someone might attack him at any second. Then he sees me, “Feather!” His voice is heavy as if he’s trying to control all his emotions and keep them under the surface. Mrs Stainson pushes back a string of her blond hair behind her ear and sits down on the edge of my bed. Silently, she holds the water bottle up to my mouth and with some effort I open my mouth and drink. She smiles kindly at me, “Good girl.” Next I try to speak.

“W...what happened?” My voice sounds weird and it slightly wavers. Mrs Stainson glances meaningfully at my uncle. He clears his throat loudly and looking slightly uncomfortable begins, “Well, I don’t suppose you know but...” he looks around the room trying to get some help with what he’s going to say. “We’re all vampires.” My mind goes blank. Is he sane? “V...vampires?” Uncle Ransom has a serious expression. Maybe I didn’t hear right. But Mrs Stainson is nodding her head.


 My first reaction is to leg it out of the house, but my conscience tells me that my uncle nor my friend and his family would hurt me. Why else had they left me alone when I was unconscious and dead to the world for two whole weeks? “How are you feeling Feather?”asks Uncle Ransom. My head has cleared a bit. “I’m fine.” I say. He gives a little nod and then turns to Mack who has been standing quietly in the corner with a worried expression on his face. “Take her hunting tonight.” I stare from my uncle to Mack. Mack nods at my uncle as if it’s a simple task and he understands. Why would I need to go hunting?


 It’s midnight when my question is answered. I’m not feeling sleepy after my long holiday. There’s a knock on my bedroom door. Mr and Mrs Stainson are downstairs with Uncle Ransom, probably wondering what to do with me. “Come in.” I call. The door flutters open and Mack comes in. He looks a bit strange. “How’re you doin’?” he grunts. I’m taken aback. Mack never grunts! I shrug, “Fine.” I can’t quite meet his eyes. There’s something about his aura which is making me unsure about our friendship. “Come on. We’re going hunting!” I stare in disbelief.

“Now?” It is really dark outside. Mack just grunts again and waits for me to get up and go. I make sure to take a torch and some snacks. As we step outside, I glance back at my uncle and Mack’s parents. “Aren’t you coming?” Uncle Ransom shakes his head.


 The woods behind Razor Park are gloomy and dull. The dark has never frightened me before but for some odd reason I have a terrible feeling. Neither Mack nor I have spoken yet. As I turn around trying to make sure that there isn’t anything unusual here, my eyes glance upon a shadow between the trees. My mouth goes dry and my body stiff. I point in the direction of the shadow, “Look!” Mack looks alright, but then there’s a rush of wind and where Mack was a moment ago is nothing but thin air. “Mack?” I whisper, so as not to give myself away to the shadow. “Here.” I glance up. In the far distance, between the trees I can make out an illuminated figure. Mack! How did he get there so fast? The wind! He must have gone so fast that the only evidence of him being here, next to me, was the rushing wind! I walk unsteadily towards him. He smiles cheekily for the first time and I forget about him being grumpy. It seems as though my friend has finally come back after being in exile. “What?” I ask. He’s still grinning. “Nought. Did you see what I did?” Oh. So that’s what he’s so chuffed about. I shake my head, “Sorry, no.”

You didn’t see?” He says, his eyes practically saucers. I shake my head again. Just staring at his dumbstruck face is enough to get me started and I can’t help it anymore, I burst into laughter. For a second or two he tries to glare at me but has difficulty trying to keep his face straight and then joins in with the laughter, “You are such a bad actor!”

“Actress!” I correct him.


 “Come on Feather! We need to be back by one.” I let Mack lead me deep into the woods. It’s only been five seconds when Mack does the vanishing trick again. This time he’s standing next to a dead stag. It is the most gruesome sight I have ever seen. Blood is seeping out of some tiny holes in its neck and its body is sagging as if it’s a rag-doll. “What happened to it?” I ask even though my conscience is way ahead and has already figured it out. Instead of answering me, he says, “Time to munch.” Shaking my head in utter disbelief, I bring out the crisps from my bag which I brought along. “I think I’ll choose the more suitable option.” Now it’s Mack who’s doing the shaking,

“You’re not serious are you?”

“’Course I am! I’d rather eat Walkers’ than that...that animal!” Mack chuckles, “You can never live without blood you know, now that you’re a vampire.”


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